Donna Karan Signature (1992)
    by Donna Karan

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    Donna Karan Signature information

    Donna Karan launched her first fragrance in 1992. At the time, the scent was known as 'Donna Karan'

    In 2008, Donna Karan relaunched this fragrance as 'Signature', alongside Fuel for Men (AKA DK Men) and Chaos as part of the Donna Karan Collection.

    Donna Karan say:

    Donna's first fragrance is a sensual, floral scent made to replicate the power and femininity of a woman. The luxurious combination of exotic florals, natural earthy tones and deep scents has the power to invigorate and the sensuality to arouse something in every woman who wears it.

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    This is what NO VANILLA smellls like! DIVINE! Love this perfume and wish I could find/afford it now. If I had to pick one perfume for all time, I would choose this.

    03rd July, 2014 (Last Edited: 03rd September, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Chypre

    The reissued Donna Karan opens on a rich, plummy spiced fruit accord that’s as dark and sweet as molasses. Equally sweet florals, including jasmine, rose, and orange blossom, soon join the fruit and spices, and all are underpinned by tangy patchouli and a subtle leather note. In its use of fruit and leather Donna Karan presages scents like Parfum d’Empire’s equally plummy Cuir Ottoman and Christopher Sheldrake’s apricots-and-suede Daim Blond for Serge Lutens, but Donna Karan is darker, spicier, and hence more oriental in feel than either of these much later introductions. I also smell a very strong family resemblance to Donna Karan’s own Chaos here, though Chaos is a more transparent scent, perhaps because it emphasizes a brisk cedar note instead of leather and patchouli in its foundation.

    Once the spicy-fruity patchouli oriental and leather structure is assembled Donna Karan drives a linear course for several hours of wear, with moderate potency and projection and modest-but-detectable of sillage. The drydown fully exposes the patchouli and smooth leather, which are balanced in a manner that's at once sensuous and civilized. I come down with the unisex crown on this scent, and it seems no less “masculine” to me than any number of unisex fruity leather niche fragrances, or even such fruit-heavy designer masculines as Magnetism and John Varvatos. This is not only a pleasant, versatile, and wearable scent, but historically significant as an innovative early entry in a genre that has since spawned several significant fragrances.

    12th June, 2014

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    Came for the lilies and incense, bizarre original Stephan Weiss-designed sculptural flacon, and a rumored favorable comparison to Daim Blond. Staying for the crisp and strong sillage, remarkable tenacity, a certain gasoline and cleaning products hypermodern slant. An androgynous, intellectual but soft composition that samples from the best of all genres to bring in fruit, woods, florals, suede, and resins in thoughtful, serious united structures like elegant code leading to electronic music. Almost chilling in its contemplative remove but with a hint of just enough warmth to be human.

    29th November, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    Donna Karan must really love her dark woodsy scents. Donna Karan, the re-released version in a tall, black cylindrical bottle, while it isn't as popular or as bold as Black Cashmere and Chaos, it is a remarkable scent on its own.

    Donna Karan opens with a surprisingly soft, almost soapy blend of fruits and flowers. The fruits are so mild in this composition that it comes nowhere near the fruity concoctions produced in the DKNY range.

    As the fragrance settles, Donna Karan develops into a rather heady and warm blend of dark florals, earthy patchouli, thick resins and smokey woods. I believe if it wasn't for the sugary vanilla note in the heart and drydown, this fragrance would smell quite masculine and thick.

    This fragrance is sexy, but in a rather subtle fashion. The scent speaks confidence, power and maturity. From what I've experienced from both Donna Karan's fragrance range and DKNY's releases, real women wear Donna Karan and young girls, DKNY.

    Despite it's dominant woodsiness and complexity, Donna Karan is rather clean smelling too. It is very unlike Black Cashmere and Chaos which tend to be very animalistic and dirty in a sense. This is the kind of fragrance I would wear to an office in Winter, that is, if I worked in an inclosed atmosphere.

    The lasting power is very good and the sillage is average to moderately strong. In all honesty I do prefer Donna Karan's stronger blends, however Donna Karan Signature is just as worthy of being re-released as all the others.

    04th April, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    I am reviewing the one in the amusingly over-the-top phallic bottle. I'm a bit confused if this is aka "signature". Mine is a parfum concentration. Yes, a plummy fruitchouli that reads rich suede and is similar to SL Daim Blond. There's a bit of bad girl/ cigarette smoke in this as well. There is no development. It's nice, but I'm slightly irritated by the overlay of's not horrendous and cheap as in many modern scents, but it does hit those shampoo-alert buttons. This seems to be a soft oriental type of fragrance that just plays its one chord - the sweet plum suede uniformly.

    07th January, 2011

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    love it ..but i dont see it on a man.....i have a mini and it smells to feminine on me....altought gorgeous...

    07th February, 2009

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