Blue Grass (1934)
    by Elizabeth Arden

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    Relaunched in 1989

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    A very dry and fresh combination of lavender, neroli and bergamot, fading with the gentle support of carnation, rose, jasmine, tuberose and narcissus, to a warm powdery base of sandalwood, benzoin, musk and tonka.

    This took me by surprise as what I read about it did not form an olfactory premonition in my head. It is quite singular and a refreshing splash for spring and autumn.

    One of the greats from 1934. Highly recommended for both men and women. I think men would particularly like this for the dryness of its floral notes.

    04 March, 2014

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    Green with elegance

    the relaunched version:

    Orange, lavender and aldehydes in the opening blast settle down quickly into a traditional floral drydown dominated by jasmine and rose. At this stage I get a strong indolic component with benzoin admixed in the background. Some green notes emanate, and in the base a tonka with wood impression forms the finale. Less green that its name promises, not intrusive and at times not without elegant restraint. Four hours longevity.

    21st August, 2013

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    I always wanted to be able to wear this one. We've all heard the stories about Elizabeth Arden, her farm in Kentucky, and her race horses. Unfortunately what may smell like lovely blue grass on my friends and relatives smells on me like what Elizabeth's race horses have unloaded on that beautiful blue grass.

    03 September, 2012

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    I've been looking for a new lavender fragrance recently and I realized just the other day that this one has a fairly dominant lavender note so I decided to go to my local drug store today and spray a little of it on myself. I have to say, it's actually pretty nice! It goes on mostly smelling like lavender (on me) and when it dries down it gets a somewhat spicy smell that reminds me of some men's body washes. It also vaguely reminded me of fragrances like Cachet by Prince Matchabelli or Halston by Halston. When I got home I sprayed some Cachet on myself just to check. There is a definite similarity in the way the two fragrances come across, but cachet definitely seems light and subtle by comparison. Blue Grass is stronger for sure. It says here that it's marketed toward women, but I would say that this one is actually unisex, at least, based on the way it smells on me. I mostly like it, but I keep thinking that I'd love to have a bar of soap that smells like this. I'm not sure if I'd actually wear the perfume. Plus, I noticed that the longevity of this fragrance isn't great. I also tested Touch of Pink by Lacoste on my other arm and I noticed that Touch of Pink, even though it's an extremely light, subtle scent, actually has greater staying power. I could still smell that one clearly after washing my arm with soap and water, but Blue Grass mostly washed off! may as well be a scented soap as opposed to a bottled fragrance. That's the only real negative thing I have to say about it though.Aside from that, it's pretty nice.

    03 September, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Well I must be an odd-ball, because I've always loved this one. It's one that comes and goes, I pick it up, use it, then don't use it for ages, then rekindle it again. I'm currently in a rekindle phase, and I still love it. It is powdery, and powdery fragrances are usually ones I avoid, but this has something unusual and genteel about it, certainly a 'granny' fragrance in some ways, but I find that depends who is wearing it. I wore this when I was in my late teens and early twenties and now I'm in my 50s and still love it. It's comforting (to me) and warm, and safe. Also, it has longevity like you wouldn't believe. I always appreciate a perfume that lasts and lasts...

    17 December, 2010

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    Smells like smoke and disinfectant. For a similar experience, attend a barbecue in a public toilet. Actually the base notes are okay, but still smell like cheap hand cream. Sorry, but have no idea why anyone would want to smell like this! Big thumbs down.

    06 April, 2010

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