Red Door (1989)
    by Elizabeth Arden

    Red Door Fragrance Notes

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    Open very carefully

    Firstly I had a generous helping: The opening blast us orange blossom, peach, honey and a rather mundane rose unite to form a lipsticky note - very sweet, crass, loud, shrill and garish. This blast lasts for several hours and reeks of artificiality. Later ylang-yang, orris and benzoin provide a bit of a counterpoint, and the end is the most attractive part, with musk merging with the now attenuated lipstick. Silage and projection are tremendous, and I cannot fault the splendid longevity of nine hours. Applying it more cautiously it inflicted less olfactory damage on my surroundings, but did not improve otherwise. Open very carefully.

    21st August, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    It served a purpose...and oh what a purpose it served!! Love it for what it represents...late 80's glamour!

    10th May, 2013

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    Bal a Versailles

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    I was on an e-site where Red Door was listed as one of their top sellers, consistently apparently. I was given a small bottle when it was released and couldn't give it away fast enough. This was worse than fly spray to me. I cannot believe that the cornerstones of stunning perfumes are being restricted due to 'allergens' when Red Door can survive as a top seller. Oh well, one man's meat is another man's poison.

    16 April, 2013

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    Back in the early 1990s I wore this to death. I always got a lot of compliments on it. I feel this is better in cold weather.

    Unfortunately something has changed, the fragrance or me, I don't know. I bought a bottle out of pure nostalgia and it has an unusual cat pee note I don't remember before. I do wish the fragrance industry would stop with the reformulations.

    02 September, 2012

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    Very elegant scent - it reminds me of my mother, who always choose these very strong perfumes. I wouldn't wear it myself since it's very lady-like and very "perfumed". By this I mean that it's not very natural and soft.

    06 August, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I was introduced to Red Door when I was 12 and in a teen modelling contest and they included a small sample in a gift bag of goodies. I find the fragrance is good if you don't really like intensely sweet floral notes. Instead Red Door possesses deeper resin as it's most memorable scent.

    I reintroduced my nose to Red Door around Christmas time a few years ago. Although I found it a little cloying on my sinuses.

    19 May, 2012

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