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Green Tea (1999)
by Elizabeth Arden


Green Tea information

Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 238 votes)

People and companies

HouseElizabeth Arden
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
SupplierQuest International
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchUnilever

About Green Tea

Green Tea is a feminine perfume by Elizabeth Arden. The scent was launched in 1999 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

Green Tea fragrance notes

Reviews of Green Tea

Fresh, herbal, citrus and clean.

A lovely Summer fragrance which would be amazing if only it lasted longer (I get 2 hours at most).
08th November, 2016
This one of my first perfumes I was ever given. At the time I was 11 so it was not really appropriate for my age or personal tastes. I kept the bottle and slowly began to use it over time.

It is particularly wonderful for Australian summers to which I mean the dead heat days where you feel like you're wearing an inch of sweat the moment you are out of the shower. It is a long lasting scent that helps keep you smelling fresh even on those days. It's a fresh almost citrus scent with the dryness of green tea in it. It fades down to the green tea note and holds for a long while.

While it is not a favourite scent for me in terms of notes, it is certainly my go to for a long-lasting fresh scent that also makes me feel fresh when I am decidedly suffering in the heat.
10th November, 2015
Light and refreshing...

I really love this one! It's like a fresh, citrus spray with a lot of added green tea. It's good at doing one thing really, which is making you feel fresh and energised. This is in my opinion a unisex perfume, because the aroma of green tea and citrus is very neutral and refreshing. It's also quite light (I think it performs like a weak Eau de Toilette), so it's perfect for people who "don't like perfume" etc.

It's light, inoffensive and works perfectly in hot, humid weather and on those days when you don't want to wear anything loud or offensive or heavy or overpowering etc. I would say this is the perfume to wear when you need a "detox" from other perfumes!

I think this one is worth the price (very cheap by the way), and it works as a light, refreshing summer spray perfect for aeroplanes, travelling, long journeys, summer parties, even wearing to work. It's very light and versatile. Plus you can spray on clothes and the smell will last longer. I highly recommend this one and it won't be too expensive. It does it's job well. A cooling, relaxing citrus green tea & mint combination that works in the hot days of spring & summer... and at the office and after the shower.

Light, breezy & perfect!
29th April, 2015
First i was given a large body lotion of this scent, used it up pronto & loved it so well i sought out the perfume; so this review is for the Eau Parfumee: The open is wonderful, citrusy tea which does quickly fade i admit & i wished it lasted longer. But the base (drydown) which becomes apparent faster than in most perfumes is just scrumptious, primarily the oakmoss/amber & that drydown lasts into a 2nd morning for me. It is beguiling without being in your face. Luckily the celery/celery seed note is not apparent. A funny thing is the top notes linger much longer in the body lotion than they do in the Eau Parfumee, so i'll get some more of that to augment my perfume.
12th December, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Light tea

This seems to be marketed more as a perfumed water than aa a Cologne or EdT, and thus I did not expect any projection or longevity of note - and did not get any A nice orange opening with a touch of fruit and bergamot leads I to a pleasant green tea note with a minty touch. A nit of a very light ambery note briefly bids a hello, and then it's all over in about an hour. Needs very frequent reapplication, but what you see is what you get.

22nd August, 2013
Nice but useless

I'd always been put of buying this because it looked so cheap. Then recently I stumbled across a small bottle at a very low price and since I've always liked green tea scents, I didn't have much to lose.

I sprayed it on wrist and couldn't really smell anything much, so I tried again. I could just about smell something but not enough to tell what it was. I figured maybe I had a cold coming on so I left it.

The following day I tried it a couple more times and still couldn't really detect very much more than a fresh, clean smell which was gone after about half an hour.

Today I sprayed a bit on my clothes and that is where it seems to work best. It's still barley there and hard to tell exactly what it is you're smelling but at least there is something.

Honestly it seems a bit pointless. It's nice but further than that it's hard to form an opinion. Maybe it's good for freshening up clothes and bedding but that is about all. I'm surprised that it is still being sold. To start with I wondered if I perhaps had a dodgy bottle but going by other reviews it seems not.

Pros: Costs very little
Cons: Doesn't last at all and projection is very poor"

21st July, 2013

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