Passion (1987)
    by Elizabeth Taylor

    Passion Fragrance Notes

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    A little Passion goes a LONG way!
    If I apply a dab or two to wrists it envelops with a complicated, rather sweet mix of floral with spice as well as musky undertones....a teeny bit like an explosion in a perfume factory, mayhaps.

    But I like a few dabs before bedtime on a cold night....

    20th November, 2012

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    A loud, nondescript, sweet monster.

    Nothing passionate about it.

    05 September, 2012

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    Has a strong, soapy start that I hate. Strong incense finish. I should like it, but somehow it smells cheap on me. Love E.T. though, no matter if her perfumes aren't great.

    07 April, 2012

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    Oh, how I wanted to love this. I remember the late 1980s when all middle-aged women wore this - I was too young for it then but not too young now. ;) I sought out vintage parfum and vintage EdT on ebay - about $3 for both, plus shipping.

    Boy oh boy, how our tastes & palettes have changed in those 25 years! This is far too masculine for me, or anyone who likes their perfume on the femme side of unisex. That said, it makes a great masculine!

    I'm glad to have tried it. I quickly got rid of it!

    26 March, 2011

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    I bought a small sampler pack which included Passion, Red Door, Sung, and Design (all from the 80s). After trying the other 3 and being relatively disappointed with their 'big 80s' smell, I finally tried Passion, and surprisingly really liked it. It has a rich velvety texture and reminds me of cinnamon. It seems like a nice winter fragrance for going out to a luxurious restaurant, or for staying in a cozying up under a warm blanket.

    27 June, 2010

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    Ms Rochambeau
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    I've never been drawn to celebrity scents knowing that the makers and marketers are relying on the celebrity's name to sell the "product" instead of the quality. With that said, I avoided Elizabeth Taylor's "Passion" like the plague. Yesterday a friend called and told me that he'd found a little purple bottle of perfume in his basement while he was scrounging around. He said that the print on the bottom was so small he couldn't read the name, but he would bring it by later. As soon as he laid it in my hand I recognized the ugly little bottle and knew it was Passion. Not interested in what I had always assumed to be just another loud fruity/floral, I sat it aside and went on about my business.

    This morning I looked it up in Luca Turin's "The Guide". He had one star and two words for it: Fog horn." I laughed and figured that with a review like that, I'd better start with a tiny drop. I wanted to hate it...but I didn't. Even with a small drop the opening is a bit much and over-the-top, however, all of those screaming cheap synthetic notes pass quickly and the scent starts to settle into something totally unexpected: A warm, woody, ambery, smokey, smouldering chypre in the vintage vein that veers slightly into masculine territory. Who would have thought it? Given when it was made, the company it was made by, and the price, I don't expect that there are very many quality ingredients in it, but that doesn't change the fact that in small amounts this is absolutely gorgeous and lives up to it's name. I don't care what Luca Turin says about it. In the far drydown, this is reminiscent (spelling?) of the classic Ma Griffe and I'm not surprised as my Harmann & Reimer Fragrance guide lists the basenotes as oakmoss, castoreum, civet, cistus, cedar, musk and vanilla. Basenoter cedriccentric, in his review of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, says that E.T.'S Passion is one of the best celebrity scents after Lovely.

    Given the fact that 3.7 ml of the pure parfum are plentiful on Ebay for under $10 (including shipping), I would advise anyone who loves chypres to try this and make up their minds for themselves.

    13 May, 2010

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