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Youth Dew (1953)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch1953
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEstée Lauder
PerfumerJosephine Catapano
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Youth Dew

Youth Dew is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1953 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josephine Catapano

Reviews of Youth Dew

Not quite as good as Shalimar or My Sin, the woody makes it a bit masculine. Still overall an enjoyable fragrance. The color should warn you that it will be strong. I dislike the peach top note, but luckily it is gone fairly quickly. There is a slight fecal note that makes it a rich deep complex fragrance. A classic, but not quite on par with Shalimar
09th August, 2017
Thanks to an impulse buy at Nordstrom's, I finally got my hands on a fragrance that made my nose clench as a child. I hated the aldehydic classics like Chanel No5. Maybe growing older has dulled my senses, but I've fallen in love with Youth Dew. It's dense and richly textured, lasting for ages on the skin.

It moves when I move. Just when you think you are comfortable with the scent, any movement unmasks different layers that mingle in the air. I always spray in my hair and on the nape of my neck, so just running my fingers through my hair wakes me up and keeps me present.

Not to get too lofty, but I appreciate YD's restrained power. When worn lightly, it doesn't have to announce itself. Instead, it draws people in. Yes, I was naive enough to wear it to work, but even in the sterile clinical setting, Youth Dew found a way to fit in. Still employed!
27th July, 2017
It's neither youthful, nor dewy. What were they thinking with that name?

It's Opium, but harsher (clove is to blame). Unlike Opium, it loses it's depth in the dry-down.

For me, it's ballsy and old-fashioned - spiced in a slapdash way. It's never really beautiful.

Of course, each to their own. Perhaps it smells divine on the right person.

My lasting impression? Bold, dry, loud spice. Too much clove. Like Opium but not as good. BUT it is a good price.

'Youth Dew' should become 'Elderly Parch', which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Silage and longevity very good.
09th June, 2017
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United Kingdom
Review of the vintage formulation.

An explosion of rich, intense darkness characterises the opening blast: ripe orange flavour and a deep but soft, resinous spiciness appear in tune; and an overripe peachy undertone adds a fruity undertone. This spiciness is the result of a mix of clove and a gently balsamic overlay, nigh-camphorated but with an only minimally medicinal hint at times.

The concept reminds me a bit of Creed's Orange Spice, but the more clove-based and balsamic nature of the spiciness as well as the judicious addition of uplifting bergamot with a modicum of aldehyds distinguishes it favourably from the Creed: this original Youth Dew is the more complexly layered and construed product of the two.

Whilst the top notes a rich and dark, the drydown sees the lightening of the mood ito a brighter, very floral range. A bouquet of flowers emanates: a dark and velvety rose expresses reminiscences of the ealier moments, but the subsequently added carnation, and especially the orchid with a comparatively restrained ylang-ylang cast off the shadows and move towards a brighter momentum.

The base comes in two phases on my skin: initially a vanilla impression is added, and subsequently a soft and light patchouli with an ambery background note develop gradually. The floral heart notes, now attenuated considerably, are nonetheless still present, and towards the end they they merge with the slightly dusty amber to create light, feathery and bright whiffs of a slim, modern powderiness.

The sillage is moderate, he projection excellent, and the longevity a splendid thirteen hours.

This autumnal evening vintage scent, a dark, thick and viscous oily juice, is of wonderful richness, complexity and with a neverending development of permutations and variations. The contemporaneous version, whilst still very respectable, is not of the same high standard. The vintage formulation is masterfully blended whilst maintaining excellent structure, and is constituted of ingredients of superb quality.

Whilst this is at times a bit heavy and can be a touch overbearing, and is probably not everyone's cup of tea - that's the colour of the juice anyway - and whilst one should definitely try this product before one buys it, this is indubitably one of Estée Lauder's finest creations. 4.25/5.
14th May, 2017
For me this is all built around the Clove. No matter where I am taken with the numerous notes and accords the Clove remains at the stationary centre. Wonderfully created as a Feminine Amber, however as a man, I love wearing it. Carefully of course, as it is certainly, a "Bomb".
11th October, 2016
My rating is neutral only because this one either works for you in a big way or doesn't.

My stylish aunt wears this beautifully and has ever since I can remember. But on me? The leather that is so prominent in Azuree (and Aramis, for that matter) is always lurking beneath the florals, spices, and incense. It chokes them out completely within an hour. Too bad, because the only leather I wear well is on my shoes!

As far as "dated" is concerned, I no longer worry about such things. (How could I when Giorgio Red, Passion, and Jontue are in my regular rotation?)

If you haven't tried it, you should. You just might be one of the lucky ones.
02nd September, 2016

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