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Youth Dew (1953)
by Estée Lauder

Youth Dew information

Year of Launch1953
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEstée Lauder
PerfumerJosephine Catapano
PerfumerJosephine Catapano

About Youth Dew

Youth Dew is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1953 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Josephine Catapano and Josephine Catapano

Youth Dew fragrance notes

Reviews of Youth Dew

This is a very sexy scent, if the comments I have received when wearing it are anything to go by. It can be overpowering- a little does go a long way. This is not a prom perfume, more like a second honeymoon scent. Even so, it has a fragrance that you will sniff often with pleasure. Lasts a very long time.
25th February, 2015
A nice spicy and resinous warm amber scent. This is a review for the vintage extrait. It feels like a precursor to the later and more difficult to wear opium. This one is a little sweeter, softer, but still there. This is no wallflower! a little bit dated, but a nice scent. Unisex to my nose.
25th May, 2014
The lady from Shangai. A feminine powerhouse, resinous, spicy, with pungent clove notes, luscious intoxicating flower accords of rose and narcissus. Dark, sensual base of patchouli, amber, vetiver. Deeply balsamic, even with a hint of menthol if you inspire it with strength. Slightly cloying camphor feel – the aldehydes. Exotic, shady, dense, animalic, even slightly indolic at first. Even its appearance is just great – brown, sticky, dense like a narcotic liquor. After a while it naturally sweetens and lightens a bit, and you get the same scent just brighter with a more aromatic/poudrée/vanillin feel. Not for everyone – and perhaps, even if still gorgeous, just a bit outdated.

19th April, 2014
At one point I was searching for a spicy rose scent by notes - cinnamon, rose, cloves, and amber were my search terms, I think. I was surprised that Youth Dew came up as one of the only things in that search result. And then it came up again when I searched for some combination of resin-y notes. I had long written off Youth Dew for a lurking bitterness, which I now think must be the civet, and I hadn't tried it again since probably the 80s. So I tested it on paper first, and the next day I couldn't believe how rich, warm, sweet, and smooth the drydown on paper was, just my sort of thing. I then tried it on my skin, and while to this day I don't really pick out rose, I get a wonderful floral accord that reminds me of jonquil more than the listed ylang - very similar to the floral accord in Tabu, my drugstore favorite. That accord and the patchouli combined do create a certain similarity between the two frags, though Tabu is less spicy and a little daytime cologne by comparison! I think Youth Dew must be in the top three or five most potent scents ever. I actually bought the bath oil because I was concerned about over application with the spray, and whether or not the oil is a new formulation - I don't know - it really radiates warmth like few things I've encountered.
13th March, 2014
I love this, it was a present from my husband after the birth of our first child. it is quite heady.
31st January, 2014
People always tell me I smell nice.

I bought the Youth Dew bath oil, not really thinking it would still smell on my skin ages after, but surprisingly people tell me I smell great and ask what I'm wearing. They're surprised it's only bath oil and not a perfume.

Pros: Long lasting and very unique.
Cons: I'm told it's old fashioned, but it isn't more old then Channel No 5. "

09th September, 2013

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