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Estée Super (1969)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch1969
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseEstée Lauder
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About Estée Super

Estée Super is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1969

Reviews of Estée Super

If the sound of softly blowing wind chimes could be bottled, this would be it. Aldehydes and floral notes dance together perfectly in its initial feminine, soapy opening. Once that wanes, woods and spices start shining through, as well as a syrupy sweet stickiness. After about an hour, I could faintly detect the fruity notes, which was a nice surprise. All around very natural & comforting scent.

A lot of older aldehydic/chypre perfumes like this get shrugged off as 'old lady' fragrances, but I completely disagree. This one has a definite vintage vibe. It's very '70s chic in my opinion, but not in some old, reserved or stale way. Instead, I picture sunkissed and freckled skin, feathered tresses with flowered hair garlands & floppy hats. Perfect for a carefree boho/hippie vibe.
21st April, 2015
This is a review of the original Super Perfume. I was bequeathed a 15cc bottle of this earlier this year, and despite now having the consistency of motor oil, it has lasted the 42 years since its purchase remarkably well. The notes are consistent with the current EDP edition, just richer and obviously more potent. A single dab lasts a full day with virtually no diminishment of quality.

The opening is typically Lauder, with the trademark aldehyde marker being strong, and heralding in an array of strident florals. Lily, carnation and rose notes attach a bitterness that remains throughout, but it’s not dominant, more of backdrop. I am often wary of tuberose because any excess leads to an awful cloying sensation, but here it emerges from the flora creating softness in a supremely serene drydown.

It is easy to see Super as the template for many subsequent Lauder fragrances, but I don’t see that they have ever topped this. Simply stellar
08th September, 2011 (last edited: 29th October, 2011)
Super ain't strong enough a word. Talk about evocative! This is one for big girls and men who like big girls. It makes me want to get it on in the back of a limo with a high powered lady executive of a certain age, wrapped in her fur coat that she flaunts with not a shred of remorse.
Seriously, if there was ever a "power" frag for women, this would have to be it. Think Gloria Allred or Alexis Carrington. Probably the only American perfume Coco Chanel might've worn. Real old school, knock 'em on their ass in a bottle not for the shrinking violet. This is what I imagine Dorian Lord on "One Life To Live" smells like.
As far as the notes...I get orangey on top of strong white flowers on top of suede on top of wood. Pretty linear. It's not subtle, but it's not not subtle either (like say, Tabu). It's an animal unto itself, this...and that animal is a cougar no doubt!
28th March, 2011
How did I wear this for so long? I was young and foolish and had no idea that I was probably knocking nice people on their keister - it is a bit scary actually. So glad we have better choices today. I also did something very strange to the fragrance - I actually had an Estee sales person not recognize it on me and it is a VERY unique scent. It is a fierce one.
18th July, 2010
Strong, biting aroma. Sharpens mind and tongue. Absolutely inimitable. One of the most important qualities a perfume should have.
07th March, 2010
By far the BEST of all the Estee Lauder Fragrances. Don't mistake this, however, for the Estee Pure Fragrance Spray. This is the Estee Super Cologne Spray. They are two totally different things. The Estee Pure Fragrance Spray does NOT last at ALL. However, the Estee Super Cologne Spray lasts ALL day. I wore it the night before and could still smell it on my skin the next morning. The Pure Fragrance Spray comes in a 2-ounce bottle, the Super Cologne Spray comes in a 1.85-ounce bottle. Buy the Super Cologne Spray, otherwise you'll keep spraying the Pure Fragrance Spray to constantly freshen up. I highly recommend the Super Cologne Spray!
05th January, 2009

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