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Knowing (1988)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseEstée Lauder
PerfumerElie Roger
PackagingIra Levy
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Knowing

Knowing is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1988 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Elie Roger. The bottle was designed by Ira Levy

Knowing fragrance notes

Reviews of Knowing

This is the second "female" fragrance in my collection. Marketed as a woman's scent, I think it's very unisex, probably because of the strong oakmoss. It's primarily an oakmoss and aldehyde combination, which I love (reminds me of Gre cabochard in that respect), married with fantastic complex floral, fruity and woody notes, too numerous and complex for me to discern individually. Maybe I get the rose, which again I think goes great with oakmoss, making it fresh and soapy.
I love the way you get this beautiful, unmistakable floral note shining through the moss now and again, it's addictive. Hard to describe the effect it has: me it's like two different scents, one not quite hidden behind the other, and yet the two are inseparable. Or imagine someone in classic, quite severe clothes who suddenly lights up with a beautiful and infectious smile.
I've had loads of compliments in the office with this over the last three days.
Sillage and longevity are great too.
Well worth the money (I bought a bottle) and guys need not be afraid of it either.
March 2016
02nd March, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening notes combine a fruity-floral combination with an aldehydic undertone. The fruits are plum and a touch of orange; the floral component is mainly jasmine with a fairly bright rose with orange blossom and hints of tuberose; there is a white floral contribution that fits in perfectly well with the rest.

Over times a zesty but not-too-harsh patchouli develops, which in the base is paired with a nice oakmoss. The later is well composed and finely balanced, and towards the end sees a light woodsy-ambery note added in. The overall impression is delightful, although in newer samples he mossy contribution has been scaled back to a practically negligible degree.

The perfomance is splendid: moderate sillage, excellent projection and a tremendous thirteen hours of longevity.

This a fine tradional floral chypre, great in autumn and composed of good quality ingredients. 3.25/5.
19th February, 2016
This is a review for the current EDP, and I'm sorry to say that Knowing can no longer be included in the chypre category. Gone is the bite of moss to round out its floral notes - not only is oakmoss not among the listed ingredients, even tree moss is absent. Today's Knowing is a pleasant rose concoction, pretty and refined and not much else. It's not bad, so I can't give it a thumbs-down; but it isn't Knowing anymore, either, so a neutral rating is the best I can do.

Lauder's website now describes Knowing as a floral/woody fragrance, but in its past incarnations this was a gorgeous rose chypre. I don't know why Lauder still lists oakmoss among the basenotes, since the ingredients tabulation on the box makes no mention of oakmoss (or even tree moss) - maybe moss is present in such a small amount that they're not required to list it.
15th January, 2016
Knowing is one of the few fragrances I wear where straight men stop and ask what wonderful "cologne" I'm wearing. It is highly unusual for heterosexual men to stop a 6'4" male stranger and tell him he smells good, so it must really pique their curiosity. The current formula is more streamlined, bitter, and dry than before--fine with me--which causes it to edge more toward Bandit and perhaps more suitable for masculine wear. It's an intelligent scent that conveys a degree of sexiness while remaining nicely aloof. Additionally, it's one of the few remaining real French (though parodoxically American in origin) chypres still on department store shelves. Like Aromatics, it seems to have a devoted cult following and still sells well, as evidenced by the fact that Lauder didn't relegate it to the "House of Lauder" collection recently as it did all its other older scents. The original ad with Paulina Porizkova, arms crossed in a tuxedo, is one of my favorites. The fact that it's a ripoff of the Deneuve No. 5 ads from the 70s doesn't detract one bit. There aren't smart ads for smart perfumes for smart women in tuxedos anymore.
12th October, 2015

A perfume of conquest.KNOWING draws its strenght from powerful expresses the warmth and sensuality of female body.a dark chypre oriental, become the source of addiction.this is by far one of my favorite scents for blends into the skin to create a Infinitely Warm,Irresistibly Sophisticated,Dangerously Voluptuous,Highly Classic, Mysteriously Complex and Clearly Sexy scent.

The top notes burst to reveal aldehydes,green notes and coriander. the middle notes develop to include patchouli,cedar, jasmine,lily of the valley accord. finlly the base casts an addictive spell with an intoxicating overdose of wood,oakmoss and civet making the scent a sensual reserved for cold weather.definitely for a femme fatale not for the faint of heart.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

13th June, 2015
If I wear Knowing to church, men follow me through the Coffee Hour following the service.
18th November, 2014

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