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Pleasures (1995)
by Estée Lauder


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Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseEstée Lauder
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Pleasures

Pleasures is a feminine perfume by Estée Lauder. The scent was launched in 1995 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Reviews of Pleasures

I actually forgot I used to own this. It's pretty, subtle, gentle, quiet, soft spoken, timid ... and ultimately forgettable. Meh.
10th September, 2017
A classic Estee Lauder creation. Pleasant, ultra feminine floral. Refined, crisp, not too sweet, with green overtones. Excellent daytime scent.
28th August, 2017
What else need be said? It's as though Balmain's Ivoire mated with a bar of old white soap and had a lovely daughter. It works as intended and is deservedly esteemed.
07th February, 2017
Really nice "pink" floral. Peonies, lilies. I don't get much rose even though it's listed. This is a spring/summer woman's fragrance.
06th November, 2016
A bright, cheerful springtime scent - with clean, almost soapy green notes, paired with light, airy, somewhat aquatic florals. Rose is particularly prominent here, even more so as it settles. Starts off like a spring rain, leaving behind beautiful blooming blossoms in its wake.
13th June, 2016
I think I mostly agree with everything that Luca Turin says about this one in his "A-Z Guide to Perfume." :)
This is truly a gorgeous scent, and there really isn't much to not like about it, in my own humble opinion. :)
I'm currently testing it out of a sample tube, dabbed on with a stick, and, applied that way, this perfume really mostly just stays a skin scent, and has very little projection or sillage at all. I'm not sure what the actual sillage is like on this one when it's actually sprayed from the bottle, but I suspect it's a more subtle, quiet scent to begin with. There is really nothing in the way this perfume smells that comes across as an overly "loud" or very heavy or bold scent.
When it's first applied, "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder mostly (to my nose) is a lot of fresh, green "dewy" notes mingled with pink pepper in the top notes. There is, apparently, supposed to be some violet, freesia and tuberose notes, as well as some berries in the top notes as well, but I mostly just smell green notes and pink pepper! (You probably need to spray it from the actual bottle to get other notes more.) It's a very lovely, light and slightly spicy scent that I definitely enjoy a lot! Years ago, I remember that The Body Shop once had a limited edition perfume with pink pepper notes, unfortunately I can't remember what it was called at all! "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder actually reminds me of that one a lot though, at least in how the top notes were done in this perfume. I always loved the pink pepper perfume from The Body Shop too, and thought it was one of the nicest smelling things, and I feel pretty much the same way about "Pleasures."
This perfume also reminds me of "Neroli: Secrets D'Essences" EDP from Yves Rocher as well, in the sense that, when you first spray this one on, it mostly just smells spicy and green in the top notes, and that smell, unlike many other top notes in perfumes, lasts a surprisingly long time! Almost to the extent that you start to wonder if you're actually wearing a floral perfume at all? And then, later, after maybe at least 25 minutes to half an hour, the scent eventually develops into a beautiful floral heart, and it seems almost as if a gorgeous potpourri of flowers are blooming out of a lot of greenery and spice! The flowers in this one are different, being a mixture of peony, rose, jasmine, geranium, lilac, lily and some tropical flower called karo karounde, but it still reminds me of the "Neroli" scent in that it comes across like a lovely, sweet smelling and fresh floral bouquet, gently mingled with a hint of a somewhat spicy, peppery scent. I agree with Turin too though that the flowers and musk in this perfume tend to come across as "soapy" and clean, although not in the same way as aldehydes, which seem far "soapier" to my nose. Still, I can understand the comparison to Dove soap once the floral heart of this fragrance unfolds. It definitely has a certain quality that seems very much like that! :)
Overall, "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder is just a really gorgeous women's perfume, and I definitely highly recommend it to everyone! Even if you think you're not a fan of florals, I think you should at least try a sample of this, or try it from the tester bottle at an Estee Lauder counter (or at Sephora.) I think they usually have one! I really think this one is good enough that it's worth trying at least once! It's definitely a five star perfume in my opinion, and I give it a thumbs up for sure! :)
07th December, 2015

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