Beyond Paradise (2003)
    by Estée Lauder

    Beyond Paradise Fragrance notes

    Philodendron Vines, Natal Plum Blossoms

    Beyond Paradise information

    Encased in a rainbow bottle, this fragrance contains some unusual notes, many of which came from the Eden Project, a plant conservation site in Cornwall, UK.

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    Colin Maillard's avatar
    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    Salty white-green floral with a massive metallic-ozonic feel I can really not stand. I do not get the rate Turin gave this. Still better than the man version however.


    15 April, 2014

    JackTwist's avatar
    United States United States

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    This melange of white florals is given the longest review in Turin and Sanchez' Perfume Guide, each contributing nearly a full page with a five star review and the tagline - symphonic floral.

    I detect Gardenia, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and a fresh green note, although the latter could be coming from the Jasmine, which in its purest form does have a strong green component.

    It's very nice, but with a slight plastic undercoating that is off-putting, hence the neutral review.

    If you like the above floral notes, you may like this. At least it's worth a sample.

    10th February, 2014

    farang's avatar
    Thailand Thailand

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    Beyond Paradise is a floral fragrance. According to Turin's book - an imaginary floral beyond reality. However, to me it smells almost exactly like my Champaca tree in the garden, so I think we have found where the origin is.

    It is a scent of white, tropical flowers. It suits me well on a tropical evening, though it will be even better on a woman during day time, I feel.

    08 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Since my nose is not sophisticated enough to describe the notes, I'll just say that whatever the notes or ingredients are in this frag, I absolutely love this scent and is my go to scent quite often.

    12 March, 2013

    Cricketkitty's avatar

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    While I owned and enjoyed this one summer, the jasmine has a tendency to turn a little "bug spray" on me. And that one note was a deal breaker.

    As advertised, this is a somewhat tropical floral that I beleive has a lot going for it, just not for me.

    03 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I absolutely love this delicate white floral. Fresh and inoffensive are perfect adjectives. However, I disagree about the air freshener and fabric softener descriptions, because I find most of those very offensive and headache inducing.

    Many florals are off limits due allergies of my own, and others. While I can wear EL's Knowing, others around me react negatively. I break out in a rash from EL's Youth Dew, and Pleasures.

    Many people I know (obviously, me included) physically distance ourselves from people wearing any type of strong scents. Beyond Paradise has never elicited such reaction, so if you don't like socializing, do yourself a favor and wear something else.

    21st February, 2012

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