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Straw Hat (1938)
by Fabergé


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Year of Launch1938
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About Straw Hat

Straw Hat is a feminine perfume by Fabergé. The scent was launched in 1938

Reviews of Straw Hat

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An opening blast full of lemon, lavender and a floral mix, mainly a bright geranium and a restrainednand quite playful rose in the background. This is covered by a gossamer-like veil of violet - a beautiful set of top notes resulting in a fairly unique potpourri.

In the drydown the freshness is initially preserved by an influx of heliotropes, but then he floral side takes over with the violet remaining in the foreground. In the base a restrained vanilla is present, quite sweet but not very intensive, and neither intrusive nor cloying. This is given additional facets by a very gentle musk as well as a woodsy component that has faint characteristics of sandalwood.

For the last three hours a fairly bright and genteel powdery notes takes centre stage, mingling with the wood and the vanilla, seeing the latter two fading out gracefully leaving the powderiness in charge of the base.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity eight hours, although the last hours the powdery impression is mainly what is left.

A delightful summery Parfum that is composed of high-quality ingredients and well blended. A Fire Island for the 1930s and well wearable today. 3.75/5.
11th August, 2016
An extremely light woody violet - almost nonexistent on my skin, as are the majority of vintage Faberges for me.

Quite underwhelming.
24th March, 2014
Straw Hat was one of my all time favorite fragrances. Long ago, I found this info on the web. I have no idea if it is accurate or not. I particularly like the strong top note of new mown hay in Straw Hat. I don't see exactly how that is achived in this formula, but maybe someone else can tweek it. Here is what I saved.

Straw Hat:Top notes of lemon, lavandin, and geranium
Middle notes of rose, violet, heliotrope, and patchouli
Bottom notes of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood
22nd May, 2009
ga97 Show all reviews
United States
Slightly powdery,woody, violet. The hay notes could easily make this a unisex scent for today.
07th December, 2007
Straw Hat is a classic vintage cologne by Faberge. I do not know if/how the formula has changed but the version I know if a sweet, bright violet, more like what I imagine violet jam or jelly would be like than the often discussed candied violet note but it is sweet. Add to that a distinct hay note. This is the same hay note I detect in my panama straw hat, more dry, it is perhaps vaugly woody but not a green note. And in the dry down, which does go a bit powdery (in a good way) I smell traces of spice, cinnamon, I think. This is a very yummy scent with decent lasting power for a cologne. I would love to try the modern version, as my bottle was from the mid 60's.
04th November, 2006

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