Babe (1977)
by Beauty Brand Development (originally by Fabergé)


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Year of Launch1977
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HouseBeauty Brand Development
Originally byFabergé

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Babe is a feminine perfume originally by Fabergé. The scent was launched in 1977.

In 2015 the fragrance was relaunched by Beauty Brand Development.

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Being aimed at a younger, if not actually adolescent audience than the traditional wife and mother market, (the original ad campaign for Babe featured the twenty-something grand daughter of Ernest Hemingway), this formula is significant for being a sort of half way house between the classic feminine, and the soon to emerge youth orientated style exemplified by Anaïs Anaïs (1978). The path subsequently followed by these developments leads straight to the fruity floral feminines we know today.

The standout aspect of Babe, besides its dubious patronising name, is the high quality of materials used; in particular, the light but unctuous petally rose at the heart of the composition. The naturalistic feel it gives is what makes the piece so attractive.

Babe opens with a coriander note that imparts an unusually masculine edge to the rather scrappy opening phrase. Its aromatic - herbaceous - spicy influence adds a bitter-sweet quality to the faintly aldehydic, lovely and delicate pink rose bouquet that emerges to take centre stage. This has a sweetly soft pink charm which is sufficient all by itself but is later accented with a hyacinth note that maintains freshness as the coriander fades. Once things are established there is no real evolution and no drydown to speak of. The heart phase, which is grounded on a discrete lipstick and cosmetics base has enough tenacity by itself to last an evening.

The feeling is light, and optimistic, but not vacuous; a go ahead take on the (by then) conservative aldehydic rose - jasmin Grande Tradition typified by No.5. Babe doesn't present any of the usual challenge that the hard feel of aldehydes can bring.

Material quality is good, construction is adequate, and the fresh treatment of traditional themes (aldehydic floral and rose bouquet) is progressive, especially the inclusion of coriander in the development phase. It shows Fabergé had a willingness to move with the times. While old fashioned Opium was knocking 'em dead in the boudoir, Babe was boogying on down in the disco.

19th April, 2017
This is a review of Faberge Babe perfume and cologne - *not* Beauty Brands, which doesn't smell like original Babe in a side to side testing by any stretch of the imagination, nor Brut Prestige which in my 54 years on this earth I've never actually even seen.
Yes Babe was always a drugstore fragrance. You could buy Chanel No 22 in the same drugstore during the 70s, as well as completely destroyed versions of Coty Emeraude. The 1/2 oz. perfume comes in plastic bottles with a tacky, round cap that screams 70s. Very low class. I was a poor kid and I could afford Babe when I was 13, it was cheap and marketed towards teen girls mostly. When my kids were grown and I got into collecting perfume I picked some up, for fun and to have a laugh at my terrible teenage taste. It turns out that my taste was pretty good. Despite being a drugstore frag, there are 118+ ingredients in Babe not the least of which is real oakmoss. It's a well composed gently aldehydic floral chypre starring rose with wonderful raspberry notes, orris, spice, ylang-ylang, jasmine and more on a bed of musky amber. The aldehydes here give it a sunny lift, but very little soapiness, if any. It does not wear espcially vintage as it's not powdery, musty, green, or difficult. The raspberry in Faberge Babe smells like raspberry, not candy and not bathroom spray. (I don't know how Beauty Brands can say they made 'Babe" without raspberry. If you wore Babe at any length in the original version, the BB is not going to fool you.) Sillage is good, as 70s perfumes were, and longevity - the cologne lasts 6-8 hours, and the perfume 10-12.

I was fortunate to find a very special seller (thanks Gary) and now have a massive hoard of well stored, wonderful smelling Babe, top notes intact, which I hope will hold me for the rest of my life. =) If you see it at a reasonable price and like happy, feminine floral aldehydics I highly recommend it.

22nd January, 2016
As Barbara Herman accurately reports, this is a "floral chypre with light florals and raspberry, spice from carnation and amber, and an earthiness from vetiver, sandalwood and oak moss."

It goes on like a wonderful old fashioned chypre from the 1940s (Shocking, Replique), but that sadly evaporates within the first ten minutes, and we are left with just the memory of those honeyed florals, as it dies down to a dry musk without any distinction whatsoever.

This may have been one of those drug store scents, cheaply offered, that had a small concentration of really fine oils and the rest left to alcohol and aldehydes.

A cheat and a dismal failure.
13th August, 2014
I bought this in 1980, when I was 13; it was the perfect teenage fragrance, but I would still ware it now! It brings back very happy memories of fragrance shopping with my mum, when on holiday in Guernsey. We would come back after a morning’s shopping, having tried so many fragrances, that we couldn’t remember which was which, probably explains some of my more unfortunate early purchases, but this was a real favourite; clean, warm, and feminine, I loved it.
24th September, 2012
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United States
There was nothing "ultra" or complex to Babe BUT it was a very pleasing scent. Some of my female friends in school wore it. I found it to be "sexy" in its own way. It was a 70's "turn on" scent for guys to enjoy. Soapy, fresh, and clean !
17th December, 2008
Babe....if only someone could bring you back. I'm in my 40's and I'd be willing to bet that my teenagers would absolutely love Babe. I remember going on a date with a guy in my youth. His friends told me he wouldn't let anyone roll the windows down in his car. He wanted the smell to stay!! With a little updating of the bottle and the right advertising.....I KNOW for a fact this could be the best fragrence on the market....Keep the price down where EVEREY woman or girl could afford it...and Babe....would be in every girls purse. I know I'd stock up!!! Please someone give Babe a chance. I have ideas for commercials that would blow your mind.......
23rd November, 2008

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