China Rose (2000)
    by Floris

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    China Rose Fragrance Notes

    China Rose information

    According to Floris, China Rose is a sophisticated scent with Far Eastern spice, China Rose is rich and exotic with a delicate bouquet of floral finesse.

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I'm being a bit of a wimp,and giving this a probably,does-what-it-says-on-the-tin..And how.It was bought for me,by an (ex) husband. Which already says rather a lot,for me,it's up there with being given dodgy red knickers for Valentines day,I can't get this rather heavy-handed sort of association out of my mind..It's certainly very being drowned in a bath full of the things,it's not terribly ..light, it's mainly roses to begin, which fades to the smell of being in a flower shop, a very Small, poorly- ventilated and warm flower shop..All the flowers you remember from childhood that made you sneeze, hyacinth and paper-white narcissus, and bluebells spring to mind,with a dollop of something slightly musky..It's really, not for the faint-hearted,if you're looking for light-and-delicate,this isn't it.But,if you're looking for full-on,Burlesque Roses, with a capital 'R', and a hint of something a tiny bit more..admittedly,less typically European, this one's for you.I can't quite give it thumbs down for this reason,I think it's fair to say,it delivers what it promises.And it took a long time to get rid of the smell of it on anything I wore it with!

    28th October, 2012

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    Funny, neither rose nor musk are listed as notes. I think this has big sillage & staying power, and always got compliments when wearing. Very similar to Guerlain's Nahema.

    12th February, 2011

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    Taiwan Taiwan

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    This is over-strong and sweety for me!
    Even I am a rose mania..still cannot adore this. Just two small spritzs behind my ears, leave two days heavy smell on my collar and I have to throw my clothes to washing machine to get rid of it...

    This strong scent makes me not feeling feminine, elegant nor sexy. Quite far from the imagination which roses bring to me. And, not as mysterious as its name "China Rose".

    14th April, 2009

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    I'm not sure about that last review, because I wore it to a dinner party last week and got compliments. My boyfriend gave me a bottle for my birthday, and Iím very happy with it- and still wonder how he knew to pick it out. Yes, youíre aware youíve got in on, but thereís nothing heavy about it and I think its got very good sillage, actually.

    12th March, 2007

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    United States United States

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    Good lord this stuff would choke a Skunk. Heavy rose scent to the point of Cloying. Reminds me of something that I would imagine people in the Victorian Era would use to hide the scent of decay of a dead body. WAYYYYY over the top. Gaudy and an insult to the senses

    24th August, 2006

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    United States United States

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    On me, China Rose is more of an oriental with a rose theme ... very round musky basenotes with a smooth dark rose overlay. Apparently skin type matters a lot with this one, though - someone else mentioned it was just incredibly sweet on her.

    On me, some rose scents are too crisp for my taste (Creed FdTRB, Rosa Magnifica) and never meld with my skin. The other rose I love a lot is Serge Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose, which is similarly laden with basenotes.

    01st August, 2006

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