Interlude (1965)
    by Frances Denney

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    tempest moon

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    An extremely fragrant, prominent and classy floral! I have tried the vintage version, and I must say this is what real perfume should smell like! In fact, my father once made very pure perfume out of fresh rose petals and the finished product looks and smells exactly the same as the vintage version of this! Very old school but an absolutely superb floral scent. This is what a floral should smell like, and in fact, this is what a woman should wear. Definitely a mature and classy floral, not a girly one. However I have only tried the vintage so this whole review is based on that version only.

    21st November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I am really mystified by this fragrance. It is an oriental, but that moniker does not really describe it well or do it justice. Although the deeper oriental basenotes of resins and musk are clearly there, the fragrance is given a very distinct personality by its gorgeously smooth floral/citrus notes. The unique harmony of rose and soft citrus create a very beautiful and original impression, belying its categorization as simply an "oriental". There is almost a chypre effect here, like dried flowers with moss. This is a really special fragrance, I think it's unfortunate that Interlude is not more widely known. I *never* see this one mentioned on perfume message boards, which is just weird as it was very popular back in its heyday of the 60s and 70s. And with good reason. To my nose it's nothing like Youth Dew, Tabu, or other more typically heavy orientals. Interlude is floral/citrusy, chypric, autumnal, with a subtle oriental base. Very gorgeous.

    27 July, 2012

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    Ms Rochambeau
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    This is in the vein of vintage Youth Dew in its Oriental richness and density. Even the the juice is as dark as vintage Youth Dew. The notes (from Perfume Intellegence) are listed as, Orange flower, Bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli, musk and myrrh. This starts out a lot like Youth Dew, but as it dries down it seems to veer into a kind of soapy/smoky patchouly/oakmoss place that reminds me less of Youth Dew and more of a vintage scent like Replique. I find it very dark, mysterious and romantic. If you like dense Orientals like Opium, Youth Dew, Shalimar or Emeraude, and the basenotes of scents like vintage Replique and Crepe de Chine, you may really like this. This can be found cheaply and regularly on ebay. The sillage is equal to all of the Orientals I mentioned and this could work for a man or a woman, especially in the drydown.

    26 May, 2010

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