Touch (1993)
    by Fred Hayman

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    Guyana Guyana

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    i read the reviews here and became very interested in Touch; so i sought it out lusting for a fragrance which is both beautiful and inexpensive. i admit i even had a few dreams of what it would be like to wear Touch.

    i finally found touch two days ago and i had to pinch myself when i heard the price; it was so inexpensive i couoldn't believe my ears.

    when i recovered my composure i said "i'll have" then something spoke into my ears "never buy perfume without testing it first!" so i amended my previous declaration "i'll buy after smelling it". And thank goodness for that because this scent was not what i had anticipated at all.

    the only notes i detected were peach, carnation and pepper (which strangely enough is not listed as a note. the perfume is not at all bad and the sillage is good but it's also no stunner. however, the deal breaker for me was it's lasting power (at least on me) is very poor: less than an hour.

    i may give this perfume another try though not anytime soon.

    thus, the search for the inexpensive perfume beauty of my dreams continues ...

    16 August, 2010

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    I have loved this fragrance since I first smelled it in a Dillard's dept. store. The scent it so unforgettable and long lasting. Smells like a classy, sophisticated woman who is decked in a million bucks.It has a mild lingering scent that is sure to get you tons of compliments.

    29 October, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I LOVE Touch! It has a classy elegance to it. It contains lots of floral notes, but doesn't come off as strictly floral. It starts off flowery, but quickly develops into a more complex mixture of floral and spice. This is quite an attractive fragrance, and there is none other out there like it. It stands alone, and has an intoxicating aroma that lasts all day. It's powerful, so go easy on the application. It reminds me of a spicy floral like L'Air du Temps, but much more refined, a little sweeter, and not powdery. It's similar to Norell, but at the same time different. It's hard to describe, but I think a lot of women will find this fragrance intoxicating. I did. it's definitely worth a try for the price.

    06 October, 2009

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    Tonya D.
    United States United States

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    If I reviewed this the first time I tested it, I would have to come back and edit the review. I was a little unsure about this one because it was slightly sweet and very innocent smelling. I don't always want to come across sweet and innocent, but this perfume has more to it than that. It 's very elegant, comforting, and ladylike and for those reasons it has become my favorite. It smells of a very beautiful rose soap on me... very feminine and lovely. I really enjoy this one and I'm glad I kept wearing it after the first try. It's a perfume for an angel. ;)

    05 April, 2009

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