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Strenesse (2001)
by Gabriele Strehle


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Year of Launch2001
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About Strenesse

Strenesse is a feminine perfume by Gabriele Strehle. The scent was launched in 2001

Reviews of Strenesse

This is a review for the original Cylinder one done by Roucel.
I tried this for the first time when it arrived ( warm to hot weather)and honestly, I wasn't all that taken with it. Tried it again recently ,now that it's getting cooler and it is beginning to grow on me. Strenesse is a soft, powdery, milky ,with a hint of caramel and florals,skin scent on my skin. I believe I'll give it some time in my collection, Roucel's work seems to take getting used to ,but then I usually love it.
07th October, 2014
I no longer wear it unless I have been fitness swimming in a chlorinated pool. Somehow I found a sodium hypochlorite (bleach) note in this otherwise lovely fragrance. So, my answer was to throw it into my swim bag. When life gives you lemons make lemondade, right? I'm going to try it again when I travel because it is highly unusual and I don't run with the pack. I loved the coconut in the opening, made me think of the beach at Kihei on Maui. Banana Boat? I have owned far less deserving perfumes....I should stop digging, shouldn't I?
15th April, 2013
This scent opens with a big blast of coconut which is very overbearing but don't let that put you off. The middle notes are still a shade too sweet but the last notes will convince you that this one's a keeper. You're left with a sexy, sophisticated richness that brings to mind long lunches or cocktails and little black dresses. Give this one a try.
12th May, 2012
The nose for this original version of Strenesse is attributed to Maurice Roucel, so the previous reviewer's comment on the design, quality, and inspiration makes perfect sense. This pretty little confection is all about almonds. Strenesse hit my skin with a strong note of marzipan then settled down to a less sugary, more natural version of almond. The heart is sweetish white floral, but blended so that I really could not discern distinct notes, except for perhaps the Lily-of the valley. The base warms up, although the almond is still there, with some light amber, sandalwood, and woody iris. Oddly, though Strenesse has some characteristics I tend to avoid (multiple white floral, gourmand) it reminds me of those little cake squares covered in icing (petit-four?) which are great if you have one or two but sickening if you overdo. This scent has a super creaminess to it, not unlike L'Or deTorrente, another of M. Roucel's creations which make it cooly sensual, rather than just a food or teen scent. So I will enjoy this, with a light hand, but enjoy it nevertheless. Although d/c, I bought my bottle online for $10 USD, so it was a bargain as well.

This is for the version as pictured in the ads on the scent page (cylindrical) and not the double named version released in 2010, which I have not sniffed
26th February, 2011
Mapple syrup, vanilla, then comes incense woods which are not burned yet (no smoke); ah a kind of fruit raisings? ops, someone took the fuit back; there is a chemical blends everything into a misty potion; then more woods and a bit amber...

I cannot imagine myself or another lady i know wearing it. It has something rubbery in it which reminds me bulgari black which i found masculine too. I feel confused how to feel about it. it is well designed, has inspirations, have quality but a bit weird. Today i am neutral about it.
25th July, 2008

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