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Gianfranco Ferré (1984)
by Gianfranco Ferré


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Year of Launch1984
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People and companies

HouseGianfranco Ferré
PerfumerAnnie Buzantian
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Gianfranco Ferré

Gianfranco Ferré is a feminine perfume by Gianfranco Ferré. The scent was launched in 1984 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Annie Buzantian

Reviews of Gianfranco Ferré

Gianfranco Ferre Eau de Parfum has a very interesting peppery spiced fruit opening that reminds me a lot of the recent Magnolia Romana(!), but sweeter. The scent soon becomes more floral, with the peppery effect resolving into a pleasantly sharp green note. The structure eventually evolves into a moderately sweet and very well-blended white floral arrangement, though the quietly bitter green accent persists to add complexity and balance to the composition.

The impression Gianfraco Ferre EdP leaves is one of understated sophistication. While by no means weak or stingy, this is an unusually transparent example of its type. Because it’s relatively free of indoles, it’s also a very “clean” scent, though one that avoids both hackneyed aquatic aromachemicals and laundry detergent soapiness. If you like white flowers in principle, but find white floral fragrances too heavy, heady, or blousy, Gianfranco Ferre may be your scent.

The drydown is a blend of powdery vanillic notes and cedar that maintains the balance between sweet and crisp that characterizes the top notes and the heart. Gianfraco Ferre is not an exciting or challenging scent by nature, but very well crafted, wearable and versatile. It would make a particularly fine professional or office scent, especially in warmer weather, when heavier floral fragrances might become oppressive.
14th June, 2014
I remember Gianfranco Ferre when it was released: I thought the Parfum bottle was so beautiful; unfortunately I found the fragrance itself rather non-descript:

The fragrance is a rather bland, light, white floral; not a family of fragrances which really "does it for me" anyway; no particular notes stand out, but I'd say there is possibly a touch of violet.

Gianfranco Ferre is definitely not an unpleasant fragrance, just rather bland, and in no way can be compared to white florals such as Coeur Joie. It is the sort of fragrance I would wear to work, (where I wouldn't wear one of my favourites, and associate it with work ever after), though I would be very unlikely to buy it.
28th March, 2010
Gianfranco Ferre possesses a versatility lacking in so many florals. This is light enough for daywear, but with a buttery tuberose note that is substantial enough to induce an eyelash-fluttering sigh. On my skin, tuberose predominates, once the initial opening of orange blossom settles down. Hints of honeysuckle are also apparent, but they are just that...hints. The other heart notes are very well blended and they simply support the whole. The base is a subtle, soft, dry musk which serves as a perfect platform for the floral notes. This is the perfect floral for me, slightly tuberose-phobic person that I am. It works.
03rd January, 2009 (last edited: 03rd July, 2009)
A suprisingly beautiful floral! My initial expectation was an 'over the top' blend ~ as so many frags from the 80's were. But not here! The orange blossom and tuberose are primary, while the whites and greens support them. Especially nice is the addition of moss in the base, the perfect touch to dry and ground all those flowers! I would also describe GF as timeless...just simply beautiful!
20th June, 2007
Flathorn’s description is spot on, all I can add is the noting of individual skin reactions: I get mostly orange blossom from the top and tuberose from the floral middle. I think that the fact that I can pick out the notes attests to the high quality of the fragrance—the notes are very true and are nicely differentiated. It has an excellently subtle dry down of sandal and cedar woods but no spices and just a touch of sweet. Gianfranco Ferre is a well-made lovely fragrance. It’s an appropriate partner to the man’s version, Ferre, which is also an accomplished fragrance and one of my favorites.
06th April, 2007
I absolutely adore this fragrance, not only for the memories of encounters in the past, but also for its wonderful composition of very light and delicate florals. I quite suitable scent for a classy young woman, far away from many of today's bublegum fragrances. Very innocent, a little flirty and definitely a lot of class!
23rd March, 2007

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