Acqua di Giò (1995)
    by Giorgio Armani

    Acqua di Giò Fragrance Notes

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    The citrus-pineapple is merging with the peach to a pleasant slightly boozy opening, that soon takes a floral turn with lily-of-the-valley and jasmine, but the more we get into the drydown the more generic and synthetic the impression becomes. The base adds white musk and an ambrox-like note that is unexciting at best. The overall result is one of the early generic aquatic-floral scents, with limited silage and projection on me. I get a longevity of just three hours.

    07 March, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    Acqua di Gio is a very intriguing scent and I can't believe I haven't tried this before now.

    It's a little bit aquatic, extremely fresh and revitalising, unique and Summery.

    Acqua di Gio isn't all fruits, in fact the heart of this fragrance is quite possibly one of the nicest floral blends you will ever discover.

    The opening has just the right amount of sillage. The peony, pineapple, musky vodka, lemon and peach are light and shampoo-like. My favourite aspect of Acqua di Gio is the heart of course, which is a beautiful blend of white florals and banana leaf.

    This fragrance reminds me of an Avon shampoo that I owned as a child. I used to wash my Barbie doll's hair with it, so this fragrance takes me back to my girlhood. I'll agree with the other reviewers that described Acqua di Gio as being a 'straight out of the shower' kind of scent. It is indeed very clean and fresh.

    There isn't many scents to compare to Acqua di Gio. It's one of a kind. I highly recommend.

    26 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This is one of the first that I smelled while looking for a new scent. I put it on my skin and almost immediately it smelled of lemon pledge. It didn't take too long for the flowers to kick in but damn if it didn't smell like Pez and by the time it settled off into the birthday cake icing vanilla I felt like I needed a bath.

    The SA told me this was the best selling mens scent for the last 10 years, I have to wonder why. I will have to try it again some time, but first impressions on this one, I didn't care for it.

    28 January, 2011

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    Very nice perfume, smells like a light vodka cocktail, served in the evening, by the beach.

    But it has too little lasting power, even the tea EDCs last longer.

    This has the poorest lasting power from my collection.

    13 February, 2010

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    1. Lasting power: good,half a day at least. I'd say that's very good for a perfume, any perfume!!!
    2. Smells like: fresh, modern, very pleasant and light. I do not find it masculine at all, quite the opposite, it has "woman" written all over it ;) A bit fruity, some flowers and a touch of sweetness, that's what it is like to me. Nothing overpowering, nothing oriental or too flowery, just a great balance between the 3 mentioned above.
    3. Overall verdict: it is a good buy, nothing to regret later!

    07 August, 2009

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    Acqua di Gio is the embodiment of "fruity floral". If you are unsure about this genre', in any way, shape, or form, merely sample this fragrance and the definition will instantly clarify! Sure, there are plenty others - good ones too - but this one is the queen. The fruits smell full, ripe and heavy with juices, like during the peak of their growing season. The springtime bouquet of flowers are well blended, added with the most discerning touch. This combination sings in the highest octave, and sustains in upper register for the duration. I've read alot of praises for Estee Lauders (Calice Becker) creation Beyond Paradise, but that mixture is so intense my nose can't take more than an hour of smelling before it wears tired. Acqua di Gio is much friendlier to my senses, and I love for it to last the day! This fruity floral is an under-rated, under-appreciated treasure. Two thumbs, way up!

    22 July, 2009

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