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Cabochard (1959)
by Grès


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Year of Launch1959
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerBernard Chant
PackagingAlix Gres
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance

About Cabochard

Cabochard is a feminine perfume by Grès. The scent was launched in 1959 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bernard Chant. The bottle was designed by Alix Gres

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Reviews of Cabochard

For those that find Tuberose laden Bandit a little hard to take, Cabochard provides the Leathery Bitter Green delight. The Rose, especially in Vintage is extraordinarily and beautifully set against an Oakmoss canvas.
Vintage Parfum is the best and is sumptuous for man or woman. A taste of 1975 Pure Parfum will knock you head over heels with it's buttery Oakmoss.
26th October, 2016 (last edited: 20th June, 2017)
This review is for the current EDP, which is widely available at an unbelievably low price for a classic - albeit heavily redacted - fragrance. Cabochard is often compared to Bandit and Azuree, and indeed they are very similar (especially in the drydown); but to my nose it smells more like the current excellent reformulation of Magie Noire, which is more floral than Bandit and Azuree. Cabochard still has its leathery and smoky edge, though. It opens very sharp and green, and mellows into a satisfying modern chypre (i.e. no oakmoss, what an oxymoron!). It retains its structure throughout many hours on my skin, with a healthy sillage. Of course, like most current reformulations, Cabochard EDP isn't as robust as its vintage predecessor - but it's still quite good.
25th October, 2016
this review is for the current formulation...grabbed it at Ross for about 15.00...opens with a burst of aldehyde-cloud like-smell a tobacco/leather combo under the cloud-kind of bitter/herb/grass smelling-overall kind of grey and gloomy-a little spicy/herby feeling...not doing much for me...doesn't appeal to it gets into the middle I sense some mix of flowers freshening things up a bit and making it a wee bit prettier...dries down somewhat resembling leather...gloomy/boring/unappealing...not doing anything for me...would love to get a chance to try the original and update this review with , hopefully , a more positive spin...
not a buy for me ( current version )
Bitter Boring Semi-Leather
21st February, 2016
Cabochard is a mossy green leather chypre with a hefty dose of tobacco and various floral ingredients which keep it from being too butch like it's sister scent, Bandit to which it is often compared. I have the current EDP version and it was a blind buy as it is very reasonable in price. I like Cabochard and find it is very similar to Aramis. Cabochard can be worn by either a man or a woman. It has a definite masculine edge belied by the tall bottle with the demure gray bow on it. I can see this as a scent more for a man than for a woman. Decidedly individual with the isobutyl quinoline and castoreum in the mix making Cabochard a bit animalic and interesting. Not as finely made as Bandit but for the price, a good buy.
30th December, 2015
Like it. I get heavy oakmoss, aldehydes and spicy herbs. Green, herby, clean and fresh. The predominant scent is oakmoss but you can sense a number of complex scents coming and going underneath, including something slightly floral. I wasn't surprised to see rose listed as an ingredient. The scent really does develop underneath the constant moss, ebbing and flowing like an undercurrent.
For me it's slightly more masculine than feminine. I guess that's because the heavy moss reminds me a bit of old fashioned barber shop scents. But I agree 100% both women and men could wear this. In fact it's the only "women's" scent in my collection to date.
The nearest thing I have to it is Paco Rabanne pour homme, but this is like PR's more refined, classy, elegant, complicated brother. I can picture a carefully and subtly dressed guy, refined, quiet, slightly quirky. Not sexy, but that's ok too. Scent doesn't always have to be about sexual attraction, in my opinion.
Longevity and sillage weak to moderate for me, but that's also ok, you just need to reapply. Incredible good value for the price. I bought a bottle.
November 2015
07th November, 2015
KLRich Show all reviews
United States
I suppose since this was a blind buy and I am a noob at perfume I didn't do too bad. It is okay (for me) and I will probably use it all up but I won't look for any more (bought on ebay).
What it taught me is that I don't care for 'green' scents all that much...
30th July, 2015

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