Cabotine (1990)
    by Grès

    Cabotine Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    Fruity, green floral

    A most unusual bottle - the stopper is topped by four green flowers - an additional four are clustered in a band adorning the bottle proper.

    This is a very fruity, green floral that becomes quite sweet in the dry down. Over applying can result in a cloying, unpleasant effect - the sort of over play that sends one running to the HR office to complain about scent abuse.

    It would seem to me that its best audience would be adolescent females, who want to smell like a candy factory.

    Fine for its niche, which happens not to be mine.

    Pros: Light, fresh feminine scent
    Cons: Can be cloying if over applied

    18 June, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    My wife once came home with Cabotine by Grès and wore it a couple of times. She likes it, but I find that this perfume has an overpowering chemical smell, not at all pleasant but rather bordering on nauseating. In fact, I hid the bottle in the corner in the back of her wardrobe so that she would stop wearing it. When she found the bottle, a couple of months later, she gave it to her mother, who didn't like it (The father in law was lucky).

    The only perfume that I disliked more is Cartier De Lune. I wonder whether they share an ingredient for which I happen to be much more sensitive than other people.

    06 October, 2012

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    Once I was given a huge tester of this which kept me in Cabotine for quite some time. It starts out extremely green and kind of sharp, then mellows down to a fresh green/floral. I didn't get any of the fruit on this, but I know its in there.

    I don't understand the bottle, however. It is quite original, but what is the green thing on the top? A cabbage?

    04 September, 2012

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    it is very clean like is not very feminine at first but it becomes soft and floral in several hours.most people i know doesn't like it but i do.

    03 July, 2012

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    United States United States

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    To my nose an extremely green- bordering on citrus- white floral. It's as though you gathered up all the cuttings from a florists' floor and made the scent from that rather than the blossoms. It's very "stemmy". The fruit and base notes combine to make an unmistakable female scent. The right amount on the right woman with the right chemistry would be...just right! Anyone else, especially a man, should probably stay away. It seems Cabotine if overapplied could be much too overpowering. Obviously well contructed in the French manner with quality ingredients. It seems to have very strong projection/sillage and I'm guessing it lasts for quite a while. I'm getting images of Marie Antoinette wandering through Versailles on a hot afternoon...
    Some perfumes really do only work on women.

    22 May, 2012

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    Today I am in a Cabotine mood. Most days I am not. Its early Spring and a its cold and wet day :-( I looked at my frags and thought "hmmmm.....what is suitable for this horrid day?" Cabotine!! Its loud, bright, dazzling almost. Today I love Cabotine. Tomorrow I will not.

    21st March, 2012

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