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Gucci No. 1 (1974)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch1974
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PerfumerGuy Robert
Parent Company at launchMennen > Scannon

About Gucci No. 1

Gucci No. 1 is a feminine perfume by Gucci. The scent was launched in 1974 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Guy Robert

Reviews of Gucci No. 1

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United Kingdom
The top notes mix bergamot, lime and slightly woodsy heliotropes with florals; mainly carnation and hyacinth, to a very successful match of the fresh with the floral-sweet. Well done!

The drydown loses the fresh characteristics in favour of the intensification of the floral, mainly white floral side, with lily-of-the valley and jasmine and in the foreground; again this is a lovely bouquet.

The base is a quite predictable ambery tonka with a discreet and fairly unobtrusive benzoin underlay.

The sillage is quite soft, the projection adequate, and the longevity is an impressive eleven hours on my skin.

A pleasant scent for warmer spring or cooler summer days. The main issue is a certain dullness, a lack of vividness, as if a veil is cast over this creation and and takes away its luster. It is just at the border between neutral, but the good longevity and the decent - albeit not superb - quality of some of its ingredients let it - just - cross the line into positive territory - by the skin if its teeth. 3/5.
19th April, 2017
When the snow falls, you´re found in St. Moritz. with the others of the jet-set. And you drink your Napoleon brandy, but you never get your lips wet. No you don´t, oh, no you don´t.

That verse from an old song, is Gucci No 1.

I was surprized by this and you may be too. Smoky, sweet woody but rich.
06th October, 2015
Babara Herman calls this "a smoldering spiced rose, heliotrope with green mango."

It is for me a light rose with even lighter fruity aspects, not brightly so, just pleasantly hovering in the background.

Despite the many ingredients, I don't find the overall scent complex, just a nice light rose with that spicy/fruity note.

Top notes: Rosewood, Bergamot, Lemon, Hyacinth
Heart notes: Rose, Carnation, Muguet, Lilac, Orchid, Jasmine, Heliotrope
Base notes: Cedar, Musk, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber, Tonka, Benzoin, Vanilla

Pleasant but not significant in any way.
05th August, 2014
They don't make them like this ANY more! This is what Gucci really is for people who remember the name and the brand. Very woody and slightly (sickly) floral. But at the same time warm and gives off a floral, almost herbal type vibe. This stuff is brilliant. Truly... They do NOT make them like this any more! (Which is a shame... A real shame). If you find this or have a bottle. Please, SAVOUR it. Make it last while you can. This is how real ladies used to smell like. Not like today's designer fragrance disasters.
21st November, 2013
I don't typically review women's scents, but this is an epic masterpiece. With the passing of Guy Robert a short time ago on May 28th, I wanted to say that this is a bottle of amazing quality - a masterpiece and timeless beauty. While classified as a "Floral Aldehyde" - it is stunningly deep, rich and full of earthy and wood notes. Oakmoss, patchouli, amber, cedar, musk and a benzoin/vanilla base further enhanced by tonka bean. So deep and warm. While aldehydes are present, they lift the notes off your skin and allow the entire composition to breathe, but are not overly dominant. The color of the Eau de Parfum in a 60ml spray I bought for my wife is bronze and all the notes are true to form. It is closer in color to Guy Robert's 1970 masterpiece he created for Hermes in Equipage (4 years earlier) than his bottling of Gucci Pour Homme Original just two years later...a chypre.

Now, while I am adventurous in scent and adore his 1976 creation - a masterpiece for men! - there is a part of me that believes this scent with it gorgeous base notes and integrated oriental tones and depth could possibly be worn by a confident, classic man! I have floral scents for men that are far less rich as this and could easily be worn by my wife. While I believe this is perfection in scent made for a confident and elegant woman of taste - understand that this plays off Carl Jung's archetypes of both Dynamic Feminine and a strong presence of Static Masculine in the base notes that could easily rise to the forefront. It smells as good today as it did nearly 40 years ago - and, perhaps in comparison to so many scents that are not nearly as well-composed...even better. Timeless. Just like a piece by Bach, or Chopin - does it ever sound "dated"? No, it is is this fragrance.

I see this as a centerpiece for a woman's collection - it is chic, amazingly elegant and gorgeously rich. Not for the faint of heart. Age appropriate is 30's to 60's, but it is how a woman carries herself and her aire of sophistication that will allow her to adorn this fragrance. This is a confident Woman's scent that is never going to be out of style - like Monsieur Robert's Pour Homme must wear this proper or it will wear you.

10/10. Masterpiece.
21st July, 2012
I love wood in my fragrances and did not think I could find one with too much wood for me, but this one smells to me of Gucci PH for about an hour and then mellows down, but the mellowing down did not present something I liked and I can't even describe it, something I have not smelled before.
21st January, 2007

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