Vol de Nuit (1933)
    by Guerlain

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    Named after the novel of the same name by poet and aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The perfume is "a tribute to women who like to take risks."

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    93ml EdT
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    Lisa DP

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    The story behind this perfume is as beautiful as the fragrance is. I believe the makers at Guerlain were inspired by the book Vol De Nuit (Night Flight) by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry. The book poses Man's omnipresent dilemma, "We don't ask to be eternal. What we ask is not to see acts and objects abruptly lose their meaning. The void surrounding us then suddenly yawns on every side." Like the book, Vol De Nuit by Guerlain is a masterpiece. It is so feminine and intimate, and I marvel and the opinions below that Vol De Nuit is unisex. I wear it only to bed, as there are some things that are too beautiful to share with anyone but your loved one.

    21st February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This is one of my go-to scents, and it sits out in the open with my regular rotation of scents. This is not a novelty for me. When I cannot decide on what I "feel" like wearing, I tab on some of this perfume. (I don't use the EDT.) It's green and fresh with the galbanum but warm with the vanilla notes in the drydown. There are also hints of something leathery. Very much a classic Guerlain, so if you prefer citruses and fruity florals, this may not be for you. This is truly a unisex, and it is warm and elegant.

    01st December, 2013

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    Austere beauty, perfectly balanced

    I received a sample of the vintage formula from a friend and it's so lovely that words can't really capture it's beauty. Every stage of development is so smoothly blended and balanced, so well-rounded, that sampling is really an interesting experience.

    The opening is green but not sharp; the sweetness of the orange keeps the fragrance soft. (As a comparison, I think of Chanel #19's bitter galbanum, these 2 interpretations of the note are worlds apart.) The heart notes are equally soft and feminine; the iris adds a slightly powdery touch but what really comes to the forefront is the narcissus, sharpened by a touch of aldehydes. I had to sample this four times before I could really pick out the aldehydes, they're subtle but add a touch of brightness to the sweet florals. The drydown retains the sweetness of the orange and narcissus, but develops into a mossy, woody delight with great lasting power.

    I can't compare this to anything else I've ever tried, it's one of a kind. Vol de Nuit has an austere sort of beauty that's similar to Mitsouko in a way but is warmer, more approachable. So subtle and elegant that I think of Grace Kelly when I wear this; it's the perfume equivelent of that kind of graceful perfection.

    Sillage is low (for the EDT) longevity excellent, about 8 hours if sprayed generously. I want to find the EDP or the perfume, I think the sillage would be much improved. I'm not eager to try the newer formulation; Mitsouko has been ruined over the years, and I wonder if this frag has suffered as well.

    Pros: Soft, well balanced, elegant, cool and austere.
    Cons: Not a "statement" frag, but all that much better for it."

    20th September, 2013

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    Warm, vanilla-amber infused leather

    This is a reaction to the vintage edt. It goes on warm and inviting, vanilla and amber-infused leather are swirled in a very light sandalwood mist with the green of galbanum just peeking through.

    It is a very comforting fragrance and very subtle. If you spray an arm, you can't detect it unless you bring that arm to your nose -and there it is, lovely and re-assuring.

    The cons are that it has that poor sillage and that the longevity is no more than an hour on me. This would certainly be a negative for those of us who want to smell our scents, to have them make a statement on our skin.

    This strikes me more as a lovely base upon which to build a scent, not a scent in and of itself. I detect its notes as the base of my favorite masculine Guerlain, Heritage.

    Notes: Bergamot, Galbanum, Petitgrain

    Jasmine, Daffodil, Spice

    Sandalwood, Orris, Vanilla, Amber, Oakmoss, Benzoin, Musk, Ambergris, Castoreum

    Pros: The original warm amber and woods combo
    Cons: Poor sillage and longetivity, better as a base than a finished scent"

    18 September, 2013

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    This is my soul's scent in the way that Arvo Pärt plays my soul's music.

    Here I am laid bare: spartan resilient resins, warm generous vanilla, spare beautiful florals flying out beyond prettiness. This vibrates celestial, best viewed from the perspective of 10,000 feet.

    Whereas I remain endlessly curious for other scents, they are just that: other. They beckon with the intrigue of difference, the enchantments of conversation, the beguilements of beauty - the jar, seduction and stimulus of traits not native.

    Here is my essence, my effortless source.

    The silence between my heartbeats.

    26 April, 2013

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    *Review For Vol De Nuit Parfum
    It opened with Bergamot, I got a faint lemon note and Orange Blossom was prominent.The Galbadnum got lost in the other opening notes. Within fifteen minutes it had quickly moved into an Aldehyde accord for a a few minutes at best and then a burst of Iris came forward along with a faint vanilla note as if it were waiting to pounce.
    After thirty minutes the iris was still wafting around and the vanilla had pounced in, but not too strong. Three other notes started to make a strong presence, the orris root, musk and sandalwood were becoming strong to my nose. The moss got lost in the strength of the other top notes or my immature nose missed it.
    As more time passed and the orris root, musk. spices and sandalwood with just a hint of vanilla were the stars of the show and the sillage was still pretty high. For about 3 hours and slowly dropping off from there, the parfum remained a linear orris root, musk and sandalwood. After 3 hours the longevity and sillage had given in and Vol De Nuit Parfum was a skin scent and becoming a beautiful memory for me.
    Vol De Nuit in any concentration could very well be unisex because it's not a floral monster or overly sweet and reminds me somewhat of Shalimar which I think is very sensuous on a man. Vol De Nuit Parfum is one of those fragrances that, for me, are very alluring, sexual and I would highly recommend it!

    15 March, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 March, 2013)

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