Nahéma (1979)
    by Guerlain

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    This was mainly a nutty, creamy sandalwood with traces of waxy honey and some low-level animalic facets. There’s a green, stemmy note that slides in later—a subtly bitter kind of thing—but aside from that and a splash of peach aldehyde and ionones, there’s not much going on with this. Quite balsamic and polite, but lacks any real adventure. It’s a solid enough fragrance, but feels anachronistic as, for me, it conjures up the impression of a bustling 1970s fragrance counter with lots of bad fashion and bad decor floating around. It certainly feels old, but not in a vintage sense.

    06 April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Nice, but not compelling

    I'm wearing it for the first time today after receiving a miniature and it's not a scent I'll return to. Not so much because there's anything wrong with it, but more because there's nothing powerfully right in this pleasant floral. Do I smell pumpkins? The Jasmine's there and, for me, that's usually essential. I can smell peach and I love the sandalwood I think I detect. But somehow it reminds me of old clothes. Okay, it's not me. Washing it off to try my vintage Shalimar.

    Pros: florals
    Cons: Indistinct"

    02 October, 2013

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    anomie et ivoire

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    Structurally and as a chemical creation, Nahema is certainly interesting for its famed simulated super complex "digital rose" impression. Yet for wear I do not find current Nahema compelling, more like one of those it's-been-done-to-death rose ankle tattoos. The vintage extrait is much better, though I couldn't quite figure it out enough to review (the sample I had of the parfum may have been slightly off, so it's up in the air).

    In current pdt, it's earthy, almost vegetal but too luxe and Guerlain to be naturalistic. Nahema reminds me of a backyard garden dotted with rotting pumpkins just after Halloween, and some kids threw their less desirable candies into the mix with that opening hint of a burnt chocolatey sugar shoved into all of the wild, ornate abstraction. An oily brightness evokes sunflowers even more than roses.

    The lasting power of the current pdt isn't great: loud for a few minutes then very quiet for two hours, then gone (this may be due to proverbial "perfume-eating skin"). I also don't get along well with Samsara for being similarly overly complex but simplistic. Maybe Jean-Paul Guerlain's post-60s later baroque, almost prog rock style just doesn't appeal to me. Likely this is a case of not seeing the perfumer's point of view but being able to admire the effect only at a distance.

    On repeat wears and sniffs, another American candy holiday keeps coming to mind in flashes of memory: Valentine's Day. The contrived romance, unappetizing glut of chocolates, plasticky dew drop roses. And this very same evocation could be delightfully irreverent, romantic, or disco cool to someone else. And some of the times I wore Nahema were quite enjoyable--a tough opening and an interesting drydown. Nahema does smell very modern, almost futuristic, kind of like a pared-down Poison for punk and grunge revivalist girls of the endless nostalgic future. Of a slightly different bent, I prefer scary Aromatics Elixir, notorious La Nuit, and eerily perfect Voleur de Roses for unsettling rose with thorns intact, not digitized.

    21st November, 2012

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    This sweet scent smelled fine in the bottle but on my skin took on a strange personality, not horrible just strange. It was a rainy humid day and it seemed like the sweetness just grew and grew until it became almost sickening.

    I'd like to try it again under better weather conditions. But isn't that bottle one of the most gorgeous you have ever seen?

    04 September, 2012

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    Soft, buttery, creamy, definitely Guerlain. Six hours down the line it ends up more as skimmed milk than cream, but regardless of this, its entire duration is a breath of fresh air.

    24 August, 2012

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    NAHEMA – Guerlain – 1979 [floral/rose]

    There is a pleasant green note to this dry, light rose scent that makes it a perfect summer cologne. Well worth the investment, financially, as it is a loyal soldier in one’s supporting scent collection, always there to perform admirably when one just can’t choose.

    Top Notes: Peach, Bergamot
    Middle Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Rose de Mai, Rose Hyacinth, Ylang Ylang, Lilac, Jasmine, Muguet
    Base Notes: Passion Fruit, Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Vanilla, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Styrax

    01st May, 2012

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