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    When the juice was approved and the bottle had been designed, the manufacturers were not able to fill the bottles, as the top of the Peretti bottle is curved at an angle. The manufacturer tried to convince Halston to bottle his fragrance in what the industry calls a "Chanel Flask". The name coming from the square linear bottle Chanel used for Number 5, when a non frilly bottle were considered and oddity. Halston refused to have his bottle change for the sake of the manufacturing problem and in the end invested $50,000 dollars of his own money to create an adapter that met with the angled neck of the bottle. It was a good move, the demand for the fragrance was so strong stores couldn't keep it in stock for almost a year. [Thank you Bryian Davis for this information]

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    I own a vintage bottle of Halston from the early 80s gifted to me by my mother (who also loves this scent). I am convinced that there is a strong genetic component to the way a fragrance wears on the skin. Original Halston smells delicious on both me and my mom. My mom wore this when it first was released in the mid 70s.As a kid, I remember my mom smelling of Halston the morning after a night out with my dad.

    We are both strong but feminine women so the fact that this one starts off girly and floral and gradually developes into a more traditionally masculine fragrance is very appealing. I don't seem at all drawn to the more modern fragrances that smell like soap or fruit. I would rather have vintage Halston with all of the dirt and drama.

    12 May, 2012

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    This is for the current, drugstore version. After all the bad press, I was wary of this one, but really liked it on the tester card and had to give it a whirl. I wish the notes were here to give me a jumping off point. I'll have to rely on my own novice smeller...

    At the top I mainly got powdery flowers with a strong mossy, woody undertone. The moss kept it from being too "girly" which I liked. Then the spices came out! I got cinnamon, clove and dare I say, curry? A note of sweetness has crept in, smoothing everything to an overall "warm" scent, without real distinctive notes.

    Don't anybody throw anything, but it reminds me a little of Coco, which I adore.

    Unfortunatelly, there's the sillage issue. I really enjoy a moderate amount of sillage, and this isn't load per se, but I find it "skreetchy". The skin scent is lovely, but the sillage is uncomfortable harsh.

    26 October, 2011 (Last Edited: 27 October, 2011)

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    I just want to say that I disagree with the guy who said this fragrance is "butch." On me, it actually comes out smelling soapy and soft. It also reminds me a lot of Chantilly which was my signature fragrance for years. Both fragrances smell very similar on me. I would recommend this one for anyone who likes a nice Chypre fragrance. :)

    17 August, 2011

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    Red Theodora
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    I along with many women of my generation flocked to buy this fragrance when it first came out on the market. It was lovely.
    Oh, my poor Halston, what have they done to you!

    28 May, 2011

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    Shifty Bat
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    If you've read Foetidus's review below you'll know something's up: compare the current Halston back-to-back with a sample of the original (and I mean one of any quality) and you'll find yourself a classic case of osteoporosis. Gender aside, all the original Halstons used to be dense, almost swarthy chypres or very close to. This one just waited a few minutes before the dress came off and the hair showed. Quality of ingredients is the issue here: if not for the EU flip-out on oakmoss (and everything else that makes a cologne last) this poor creature would never have had to pretend to be a fruity floral. If you were to smell the formulations a decade or more apart the difference would seem noticeable yet minimal. But testing them side-by-side is what I would guess is the feeling of being smacked by the ghost of Mediocrity.
    4 for the 'real thing'
    2 for the sad replicant

    31st March, 2011

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    I am completely obsessed with Halston alcohol-free cologne spray. I wore Halston back in the day, and I don't remember what it spelled like. However, this new version is outstanding. It wears like a perfume oil and I spray it liberally after a shower. It's mostly all base notes on me, and it's quite animalistic and dirty. I'm alway up for a good skank fest and this is it!

    Try it if you can ... a major online retailer has been clearancing out 100ml bottles for under10 bucks shipped. I have enough backup bottles to last my lifetime. LOL.

    PS - Longing for a good ole chypre. Try Halston Couture - It's so oakmossy that it set off my allergies big time, so I reluctantly parted with it. Available online for about 20 bucks for 100ml.

    23 March, 2011 (Last Edited: 17 June, 2011)

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