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Essence Rare (1928)
by Houbigant


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Year of Launch1928
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Parent CompanyLoft Fashion and Beauty Diffusion

About Essence Rare

Essence Rare is a feminine perfume by Houbigant. The scent was launched in 1928

Reviews of Essence Rare

A rare essence in every sense. One of the first fragrances I ever bought, I have had the great good fortune of finding two edt glass sculpture bottles in perfect condition, 50 and 100ml.

I consider it a great reward after a very long search.

Chanel 19 but more sensuous, how could Essence Rare have been thrown away without a second thought, there must be someone who could consider reviving it.

A true beauty and well worth the searching, if you get a chance to buy it is worth it

20th December, 2011
Murky, dour and cloying upon application and improving only with its gradual disappearance. Dark green and mildewy-wet. This is an old-fashioned gem I'd sooner hawk than flaunt. Even so, I'll give it a neutral in the event I simply have a spoiled sample. I really do hope that is the case.
01st April, 2011
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United States
Floral,green, mossy and woody, touch of aldehydes. It also wears close to the skin. Can easily be worn by both sexes! I have the pure perfume.
18th July, 2010
Perhaps the search for a bottle of Essence Rare will bring some happy closure to a lost love. I was given a bottle of this perfume for my Senior Prom, my first true love. I was taken away by a family death, and I lost touch with that gentle young man.

I will keep on searching for that fragrance I can only 'see' in my mind. Thanks, all,
16th November, 2009
I agree with VV,Essence Rare was one of the best fragrances by Houbigant.Such a shame it's discontinued,and now almost impossible to find.
The "green" notes in Essence Rare are similar to Vent Vert by Balmain or Leonard de Leonard.
The original ice sculpture bottes are now VERY collectable,as are the dusting powder bowl & other crystal dressing table accessories.
This fragrance reminds me of the very first "proper" perfume I bought for my Mother,when I had enough salary to buy her a gift.The beautiful "ice" sculptured bottles were an attraction,but even at at such a young age,I did appreciate the beautiful green floral harmonies.To this day,I still love green fragrances.
05th October, 2009 (last edited: 10th June, 2015)
i am new to this site and am not a fragrance expert , but i am always, always hoping and trying to find Essence Rare. i used to wear it in the 70s and early 80s but kept finding it harder and harder to locate. one day i finally wrote to houbigant and received the answer that it had been discontinued. i wish that it could be brought back because it was fabulous. i have never forgotten it. and i loved the shape of the bottle, too.
14th December, 2008

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