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L'Eau d'Issey (1992)
by Issey Miyake


L'Eau d'Issey information

Year of Launch1992
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 312 votes)

People and companies

HouseIssey Miyake
PerfumerJacques Cavallier
PackagingFabien Baron
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About L'Eau d'Issey

Already a classic, this floral-woody-marine scent contains notes of freesia, lilies and sandalwood.

L'Eau d'Issey fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Eau d'Issey

Strangely savory, not much sweetness. Very light, sticks close to the skin. Soft, clean and aquatic florals pair nicely with authentic, mildly sweet melon. Quite natural, unassuming. Nice summer or beachy scent.
13th June, 2016
Probably the most horrible fragrance I've ever smelled!!!

A sort of irresistible insecticid which destroys everything around.

How can someone stand this olfactive poison!

A torture! a well deserved 0/10!
15th August, 2015
It's so long since I owned this I think it's time I revisited. Along with Tommy Girl these fragrances were simply the bees knees before we fell prey to Angel and her clones, but the compliments came fast and furious for L'eau D'Issey in its day. I'm sort of reminded of Apres La Mousson, melon cucumber ozonic notes, and for guys, the lovely Quasar (by Chris Sheldrake)
The beginning of the technological age arrived with L'eau D'Issey, Tommy Girl and Dune. What will we remember in another twenty five years?

12th May, 2015

Liberate your senses and celebrate the freedom of being both bohemian and chic.L'EAU D'ISSEY is a freshly crisp and yet light and watery floral bouquet scent.The fragrance is inspired by earthly beauty and the free-spirited. Luminous,Delicate,Aquatic, Lovely, Floral,Feminine,Delightful and Classic yet Modern.

The scent is a example of beautiful floral aquatic that manages to recreate the sensation of being near a tuberose,lily-of-the-valley,lotus and inhaling a melange of they are sweet scent,cool air and verdant foliage.It has a nice blend of floral and crispness and reminds me of a fresh spring rain with a hint of iced melon.

The dry down are so soft and lovely and makes it great for those with sensitive skin.The melon really stands out in this one.It is perfect for SPRING/ SUMMER and a excellent scent for DAILY wear.If you are looking for a super mild scent you can not go wrong with this one.


Longevity?Surprisingly Good for a Floral Aquatic.

11th May, 2015
yclamen, Freesia, Lotus, Melon.
Carnation, Lily, Peony.
Amber, Cedar, Musk, Sandalwood.

L'Eau D'Issey has been around now for a few decades and other than smelling this on others in passing, this is the first time I've gotten to sample it numerous times. My first thoughts are fresh, lucid, feminine and pleasant to be around.

After numerous wearings, I can't say that impression has changed any. I don't find it groundbreaking in any way like some others, but this is a subjective hobby after all. It is a deserving scent though and most assuredly warrants a test run if this genre floats your boat. L'Eau D'Issey isn't over the top feminine, but just enough so that I choose not to wear it.

The first 5 minutes of applying L'Eau D'Issey graces the wearer with a sheer accord consisting of Freesia, suggestions of fruit and an ozonic-green stem quality. I find it bracing, but not necessarily sharp and it only lasts moments before dissipation occurs. There's an aldehydic aspect to this top accord that's short lived as well. A restrained Carnation note is also evident and it gives the composition a much needed edge.

The fruit aspect is another component that dissolves too quickly for my liking, but it may not bother you. I wish it were tuned a little more assertively as to hang around longer in a more noticeable fashion. On my skin, the Freesia, Carnation, Subtle woods, Stem and remnants of ozone are what remain from the heart accord onward. Some reviewers have stated that this is a strong fragrance, but it doesn't perform that way on me. Granted, the skin phase is considerable, but the time allotted to presence and projection is average at best. Perhaps the bottle I've acquired is a reformulation and I say that not knowing if there has been one.....or two....or three.....versions of this. After all, it is decades old.

At any rate, L'Eau D'Issey is a nice fragrance sans the wow factor. Pleasantly unremarkable wouldn't be inaccurate, but I do think more highly of it than that description. It's a good, feminine choice for the warmer months and smells vibrant for an impressive amount of time.

Sillage starts out good, then reduces to average within minutes. Longevity is approximately 3 hours on me ( tops ) before evolving into a personal space scent. Thumbs up from SS for Miyake's L'Eau D'Issey. A strong recommendation, as always, to sample before purchasing.
27th February, 2015
Pretty pointless to describe this iconic milestone of modern perfumery, since as like Luca Turin once wrote, each of us has know “a minimum of five people who wore this”... On the other hand, as time goes by, this is starting to become “vintage”, so perhaps younger perfumistas are less familiar with it. Shortly, it’s basically one of the pillars and starting points of all “watery-iodine” family of scents. It opens with an aldehydic, mineral, aqueous sort of blend, with a tropical-fruity accord (smelling like melonal), citrus, a sort of thick white musks note tending towards spicy territories (red pepper?), a quite complex yet elegantly thin floral accord, and a light woody base. All blended together with a metallic, clean, unisex allure, an artificial and abstract shade of creamy white perfectly adherent to the brand’s aesthetics. A sort of “oceanic-tropical futurism” if you want, absolutely innovative for its era. A little cloying perhaps (despite being “white”, it’s not really light, on the contrary it’s bold and quite powerful as regards of projection and persistence), and also perhaps a bit outdated due to the subsequent abuse of these notes, but still fascinating, pleasant and (fairly) distinctive.

20th November, 2014

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