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Duende (1992)
by J del Pozo


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Year of Launch1992
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HouseJ del Pozo
Parent CompanyPerfumes y Diseño

About Duende

Duende is a feminine perfume by J del Pozo. The scent was launched in 1992

Reviews of Duende

I bought a HUGE inexpensive tester on eBay just to use the bottle as decoration in my bathroom! But it's eau de toilette & I can't easily wear any scent weaker than eau de parfume. I tried it, get no woodsy, fruit or any of the other notes that other reviews have described. But on me, it smells clean, crisp & not at all unpleasant. But I'm looking forward to trying a stronger formulation of this scent. Sure won't find many women in the USA wearing this, and I like wearing a scent that's uncommon. And the big bottle looks GREAT in my bathroom's decor! LOVE the twisted harpoon looking cap!
08th October, 2012 (last edited: 22nd November, 2012)
Nice mid 90s fragrance, mild, airy, a slight green edge with just the slightest fruits. Not at all heavy, would be able to wear this on any occasion, day more than night. Good work fragrance if worn carefully, and not one you smell on everybody who passes. The bottle is quite interesting, the cap could probably be used as a weapon if needed.
03rd September, 2012
This is a Lush Greener Version of Chanel No 5 i love the Mint green Coloring of the bottle. reminds me of a
18th Century Rococo Painting by
Jean Honore Fragonard paintings with it's plump bodies rosy cheeks Aristrocratic Love play Lavish Pastel
Petticoats rouge to the clevage. wigs
Powdered Wigs Vividi's Spring Allegro
theme Playing Marie Antoinette Walking
in her garden with her ladies in wainting. with her Children before the
French Revolution.

This is a Refreshing Fragrance this whould be perfect for 18th Century Aristrocratic Ladies
12th December, 2010
Big, but could be bigger, on linden blossom, ylang, and cedar. I like those: wish they were more prominent, actually. But, yes, what is causing that sharpness? The caraway? I'd take that out, along with the melon and mimosa. Overall this is a pretty, light scent that has very low sillage for me.
17th June, 2010
Found a bottle of this who knows where. "Duende". Never heard of it. Made in Spain. Tried it out. Based on the topnotes, quite nice. Like the way some women's hair smells after they've washed it. The top notes dry down to a decidedly masculine woody, musky base that retains a hint of the florals. Very clean and "classy" European/Spanish vibe. Could live without the over the top bottle cap. Looked up the word "duende".'s more of a concept. Literally, it means "demon"...but it's used to describe a kind of performance that comes more from the soul than the intellect. Like tapping into the spiritual when singing or during any act of creating. I suspect it's linked to flamenco dancing, when the dancers cease becoming dancers and are transformed into a kind of life-force. I don't think the juice quite lives up to that kind of intensity; but it is an excellent fragrance, especially for warmer weather.
22nd April, 2010
This is a smell anyone could wear to work, and it is clean, fresh, crisp at the beginning. Somewhat aquatic but not with the sickeningly sweet and fake smell some of the other famous aquatics have which often times results in a headache for me. The beauty of this fragrance is it is so gentle, like a whisper through the day. It takes only one spray on your stomach for example, and you will thing, "huh..nice smell" and of course expect that by mid-day nothing will be left. But you will be wrong! All of a sudden you will notice a deeper and richer smell that whispers through to you and around you. A sexier smell..but still refined and clean. This is the beauty of Duende. A sneaky little bottle with a good price and something so few average people walkiing around have ever heard of. It's a gift to have found this.
19th February, 2010

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