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Silences (1978)
by Jacomo


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Year of Launch1978
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People and companies

PerfumerYves Tanguy
Parent CompanySarbec
Parent Company at launchMartell

About Silences

Silences is a feminine perfume by Jacomo. The scent was launched in 1978 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Yves Tanguy

Silences fragrance notes

Reviews of Silences

I like this, especially in the mid. To me, it's somewhat similar to Piguet Bandit, and it doesn't smell green to me. I would call it dark gray. It opens with the gravitas I associate with releases from around its time, 1978. The flowers are only playing a minor, supporting role; only sometimes peaking through.

The listed base notes of moss, cedar wood, sandalwood, and musk are believable, but there's something surprisingly dark in the versions used here.

The moments during the mid when the sweet florals escape from the dark moss are wonderful. The predominant smell of an impenetrable wall of dark, woody moss is also nice, although as it develops into the base, which lasts all day, it can feel drab in the projection, although still fairly interesting on the skin.
02nd July, 2017 (last edited: 03rd July, 2017)
This smells bitter green, on me. It is very pungent for the first hour revealing very little floral nuances. I owned this scent in the late 80's I do not remember it being this sharp! After wearing a few hours I finally detect some rose and cedar, and it does mellow out quite a bit. In six hours time, a faint dance of jasmine and musk join the foray. I can see why this is discontinued. In comparison to today's fragrances this lacks character.
23rd May, 2017
I recently blind-bought an unused 5ml vintage Parfum de Toilette (look for the grey box, the name in embossed script on the front), based solely on online reviews and my on-going love affair with bracing green scents, and I have to say, this stuff does not disappoint if what you want to smell is the venerable trio of galbanum, hyacinth, and jasmine tuned to 11 and beyond.

To a point I understand comparisons with No. 19 (but to my nose it has way more in common with Givenchy III), but Silences only borrows 19's notes, it doesn't duplicate its structure or its feel——some of the same means but in service of totally different ends.

To me, No. 19 is formal and contained, an icy blond in a Mugler suit negotiating her way through corporate boardrooms, with just a hint of what she'd do in the bedroom. Silences is more Earth Mother, a once closely tended garden, now allowed to ramble and do its own thing, after a good spring shower, an olfactory amalgamation of crisp stems, verdant soil, and acrid blossoms.

Really gorgeous stuff, and nothing being put out today compares.
30th March, 2016

SILENCES evokes a timeless era of created for a classic free spirit with an irresistible attitude.the scent provides an intriguing,innovative dual impression.this unique dual-accord structure makes SILENCES a true innovation fragrance design in 70 as this is a high quality fragrance classic in a great has a hint of class,elegance and sexiness. Green, Fresh,Woody,Elegant,Herbaceous,Soapy,Classy, Versatile and Unforgettable.

A crystalline rose with delicate jasmine and powdery iris accents lights up with refreshing and green notes on a vibrant woody dry down.these are a wonderful combination of scents that lifts your spirits without smelling cheap or too young.the fragrance is a perfect illustration of classic femininity.the perfume is perfect for any occasion and any time of year too.if you are looking for a real classic perfume full of high-quality natural ingredients,you are exactly at the right place.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

27th June, 2015
jujy54 Show all reviews
United States
I do get the bitter note Barbara Herman mentions in "Scent and Subversion", and it reminds me of celery. It is a bitter, and maybe more abstracted green floral than my go-to green, the long discontinued Weil de Weil. There is a stillness to it the befits its name.

Silences was just announced as discontinued. Tell me, are there any assertive, unsweet greens left?
04th June, 2015
Part 1: Jacomo Silences: A walk through the ancient forest...

This is a beautiful, real example of a Chypre perfume with an emphasis on the word "green". I really get more of the green notes than the florals with this one. The oakmoss, vetiver, bergamot, the classic galbanum and the accompanying floral notes of watery hyacinth and soft jasmine, iris & lilly-of-the-valley.

What I get from spraying is a very rich, slightly dusty green floral vibe. This "dusty", slightly "bitter" note comes from the galbanum, a resin from a desert plant which is musty and damp and bitter, but also slightly smooth and sweet. I think what balances this "bitter green" is the use of the florals, especially the iris/orris root. The iris is used in another famous fragrance No. 19 by Chanel. But I find that here the dyrdown is richer and a little more complex. It's really nice.

Immediately this fragrance reminds me of spring and summer... in the forest. During these months the forest has a certain smell of damp and drying grass and leaves, and moss from the trees, and the smell where there is a lake of river or swamp, with all the animals living there and in the trees and grass. Like the full circle of nature. This fragrance is like two children playing in the summer forest, all day hiding in and climbing trees, catching frogs, singing songs all day, laughing. There is a feeling of "childhood innocence" to me here. But if you have not had this kind of childhood, then imagine it is also like a walk in the mountains, with the tall trees along your path, as you walk, rest, camp, make a fire, all throughout your journey. It also reminds me of the great forest of Europe, Asia, and North America. Especially the ancient forests of Europe, which the early ancestors used to live in, and which covered the whole continent from the sea to the ocean. It's very nostalgic.

Overall, I think if you are a "green" or "outdoors" person, who loves the smell of nature and being in nature itself, then you will like this one. For me I do not really see it so much as a "formal" perfume, but depending on the situation yes it is versatile enough to be used for that, and it will add character and complexity to your presence. In my opinion it can be worn all year round, but especially in the spring and early summer, I think it would fit perfectly then... and also the late winter, where it will remind you of the smell of pine trees outside. Do I recommend it? Yes! If you like the description above, then yes. But just remember, it has a personality of it's own so you have to make sure you like it and can become friends with it. Some people say it's too sharp and green. But for others it will fit just right. Give it time, wear it outside for a few days, and you'll see what I mean. A classic for sure!

Part 2: A tale of two sisters... Chanel No.19 & Jacomo Silences

Now, I want to compare between Chanel No. 19 and Jacomo Silences, as these perfumes are often compared together. Let's first start by saying that No. 19 was first, and so most other "similar" perfumes are descended or "inspired" by that one. But there is something about Silences that I like, which No. 19 doesn't have... and that is an entirely different character and personality. From the start these two are very different. Put it this way, if they were "sisters", then No. 19 (the older sister) would be the wealthy, successful rich woman of society. She has married someone rich, she lives in a nice, expensive house, she hosts dinner parties wearing her perfect black dress and pearl necklace and earrings. She hangs out with rich, wealthy people in society. She has perfect white skin, like a Greek statue, perfect hair, perfect nails. Perfect life. But, she is cold, she is quietly unhappy. She has everything but she feels like she has no control. Like her rich, successful life has been "planned" for her by others. She smiles for guests, and laughs politely, but when she takes off her makeup at night in her mirror, she sometimes wants to cry.

Her younger sister is Silences. This one you could call a "free spirit". She is an artist and was once a beautiful model. She is a painter. She lives in a small, cute house by the river. She goes for a run every morning with her dog. She does not take everything in life too seriously, but she enjoys every minute of her life. She spends most of her time outdoors, in nature. She loves being in nature, running, painting, enjoying the different seasons. She loves who she wants, and she lives each day to the full. Cooking, being artistic, with the dog, out in the woods. She has no regrets in life. She does not have the money that her older sister "acquired" by marrying a rich man. She does not smell so expensive like her older sister, but she has character, and a big heart. She does not want anything more in her life, and she is happy.

To me these are the differences. They are both green, both have an iris note, but this note is unbeatable in the Chanel, and is powdery, floral and smells clean, polished and expensive. The Jacomo smells "greener", like you are in the forest outside, with the smell of herbs and green leaves which the Chanel doesn't have. Basically, if you are an "active" person, or if you have memories of childhood in the countryside, then you will like and enjoy Silences. But if you want to smell the smell of "perfume", or want something "posh" or "expensive", then go for No. 19. Both are great choices. I think the Jacomo is a little more relaxed and carefree, but if you want to impress or are in a very formal situation, then go for the Chanel. Both are masterpieces!
20th December, 2014

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