Fath de Fath (1953)
    by Jacques Fath

    Fath de Fath information

    Reorchestrated in 1993

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    I absolutely agree with the other thumbs down reviews for the reformulation. I used to wear the old Fath de Fath back in the 70s and 80s. It was exquisite. I discovered it at Jacqueline Perfumery in San Francisco. Ah the memories. Just a perfect perfume - elegant, classy, sexy subtle.

    Why did they reformulate this perfume that was beyond all others? How dare they call it Fath de Fath? Why can't they admit their mistake and make the old Fath de Fath again?

    I too would be happy to send a strip to a perfumer to remake this exquisite fragrance. I have a tiny bit left in a bottle but alas it has lost it's strength. Oh how I long for that original Fath de Fath. Please somebody bring it back. Please.

    15 April, 2012

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    Any mention of Fath de Fath....and I have to jump in. I have known and loved this perfume since 1964...it was love at first sniff

    But I must say that I didn't like even a whiff of the reformulation at all, I also feel that they should have not named it Fath de Fath, it's totally different from the original which was very refined, sophisticated and truly a beautiful scent....it is unlike any other fragrance.

    After years of search I finally found a tiny bottle paying $$$ from a French web site; later
    I discovered eBay and bought a couple of large EDP bottles there. Sadly they all smell a bit weak....but heavenly all the same.

    I wish and hope someone recreates a replica of the original. BTW...this is my first entry and post on this forum. I was drawn here out of my love for this fabulous Fath fragrance. I will
    be happy to send a strip to any serious perfumaniac who wants to experience this scent.

    09 February, 2012

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    When you compare the Reformulation of Fath de Fath with the Original, the New Perfume should never have been released bearing this name. It is a Travesty. The original was a green, very French "Chypre" with the Elegance of Chanel 5, but with even more of a Sophistication to it. It is a Classic, more so than Crepe de Chine. One Whiff of This and you'll remeber it for Life.

    15 December, 2011

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    I dislike the opening; but it dries down to a sweet, soft, fruity scent, with a little powder, and a tiny bit of spice, that isn't syrupy or cloying and completely unobtrusive.

    24 August, 2010

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    Thinking that I would like this oriental fragrance according to the ingredients listed, I ordered it in sample vial form, but after applying this full aromatic comforting scent, I was so taken that I immediately ordered more, plus the body cream to layer it with. Many compliments followed and it could well become my signature line. Am comparing it with Royal Secret - both dry down beautifully - but I feel that Royal Secret is more ethereal and Fath de Fath is more grounded.
    In order not to spoil the effect, not having the matching shower gels, I use Maja soap, to supply a harmonious base for the oriental layers to follow.

    04 February, 2010

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    Oh, my. This is so delicious.

    'Fath de Fath' is my idea of the *perfect* Oriental. Constitutionally it arrives somewhere between the raw, beguiling 'heat' of 'Mackie' and the scintillating, cosmopolitan glamor of Patou's 'Sublime'.
    It manages to be sumptuous, smoky and all-about-sex without over-egging proverbial pudding; somehow, in its relative quietude, it also conveys elegant restraint: it could easily be worn in proper company as well the boudoir.

    If the aim of Oriental fragrances is, as I imagine, to enhance sex-appeal and draw attention to one's sensuality, 'Fath' is a phenomenal success.

    Truly a landmark Oriental, appropriate for the cultured, full-fledged woman whose composure and elegance are part and parcel of -- rather than anachronistic to -- her sensuality.

    Best in Show.

    23 January, 2010 (Last Edited: 09 February, 2010)

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