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Coriandre (1973)
by Jean Couturier


Coriandre information

Year of Launch1973
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseJean Couturier
PerfumerJacqueline Couturier
Parent CompanyCosmoprod
Parent Company at launchDiana de Silva

About Coriandre

Coriandre is a feminine perfume by Jean Couturier. The scent was launched in 1973 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacqueline Couturier

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Reviews of Coriandre

Review for the vintage EdT...

What a surprise! This is the type of fragrance that I find so refreshing given today's market trends and current tastes!

<i>Coriandre</i> is a great example of a rich, heady chypre with just the right amount of dirtiness in a perfume. It is a very green and mossy fragrance (like all true "chypre" perfumes should be). It reminds me a lot of many other fragrances from it's era (<i>Jacomo - Silences</i>, <i>Chanel - Cristalle</i>), and even a little of <i>Eau de Patou</i> but what makes this one special for me is the inclusion of a honey-like sweet civet note. This is what gives it the "dirtiness" I mentioned, which can also be a very sensual and seductive note.

I agree that to many young people today, they would find <i>Coriandre</i> very different from modern tastes. But for uniqueness, I think this perfume is perfect in that respect. I find it a beautiful one because it reminds me of the gorgeous perfumes of the past, which were made at a very high level, even as designers. If this was released today it would be considered a "niche" scent. Thankfully, you can still buy this for a very cheap and reasonable price, and it's quality is much greater than that.

I would recommend to try if you like very mossy, "classic" chypre fragrances, and even stuff like <i>Shalimar</i> there is something about it which is unique and very interesting. Give it a try!
18th August, 2015
Fresh, sharp, unique

A super-sharp chypre that gives you an unforgettable blast of bitter, dry greeness and head-clearing aldehydes on first spray. Don't be put off by the masculine opening; it will soften and deepen as you wear it, turning ever-so-slightly sweet in the heart notes before drying down to a beautiful mossy, woody accord, with a touch of musk thrown into the mix.

I wore this in the 70s, and still love it as much today. Easily unisex, and superb on the hottest days when you want to surround yourself with the fragrance of cool green woods.

Another "plus"; it's still very afforadable. Such fine quality for so little money. Sillage is strong, longevity about 8 hours if sprayed freely.

Pros: Sharp greenness, refreshing, unique
Cons: None"

20th September, 2013
DRY, like Campari. A bracing, soapy, thin and fairly linear scent. The coriander is more dried coriander seeds than the fresh green leaves, although overall this is the definition of a dry, green scent (but note I have never smelt Vent Vert...). There are better chypres than this out there, but I am glad I have this in my collection. It's a fine scent for daytime, whether for work or weekends when you want to feel brisk and no nonsense.
06th April, 2013 (last edited: 20th November, 2013)
CORIANDRE – Couturier – 1973 [floral/herbal chypre]

Another totally unique scent, blending herbals, florals and chypre notes into a light, warm, sophisticated and intoxicating blend. The unique blend of coriander and angelica, mixed with Bulgarian rose, wafting over a gentle chypre base, has to be experienced to be believed. A dry, spicy delight. One of my very favorites and a birthday gift this year for every woman – and man – on my list.

Top Notes: Coriander, Orange Blossom, Angelica
Middle Notes: Rose, Geranium, Lily, Jasmine, Orris
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Civet
01st May, 2012
Top notes: Aldehydes, coriander, orange blossom, angelica
Middle notes: Violet root, lily, jasmine, rose, geranium
Base notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, musk, civet, oakmoss, vetiver

Coriandre must be one of the most daring fragrances of the 70's. Nothing comes even close to it. It has a "dark green" quality that remotely reminds me of Jean-Louis Scherrer. However, Coriandre is a little lighter and somewhat brighter. Also, the aldehydes are much more noticeable. Coriandre shares quite a few notes with Empreinte by Courrège as well (coriander, aldehydes, rose, jasmine, patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood). I vividly remember a shocking advert for Coriandre showing a very dignified lady sitting on a chair with the right sleeve of her blouse half ripped off. This is the image I associate with this EDT. Dressy and decadent. Coriandre is a true work of art.
23rd February, 2012
Unfortunately this fragrance comes across smelling like heavily perfumed soap on me when I first apply it. At least, it makes me think of soap more than anything else. On the one hand I don't fully dislike this fragrance, and there is definitely something about it that almost makes me want to give it a thumbs up and a slightly higher rating. On the other hand though I'm left with a feeling that this is a bit of an overly "stinky" perfume. It might be nice on some people, but I probably wouldn't make this one my signature scent.
20th August, 2011

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