Bal Versailles (1962)
    by Jean Desprez

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    Mona Visa
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    The first time I met Bal a Versailles I was 16. On my way through Nordstroms I saw it sitting on the perfume counter, in the middle of the shiny modern 80's bottles, looking very out of place. I'd never even heard of BaV before but I rather recklessly spritzed it on both wrists (hey, I was young, lol).

    The next 20 minutes were miserable. BaV was completely out of left field. I wanted to wash it off! But then something changed and it became quietly perfect. At the end of the day it was so warm and delicious and that I knew I had to try it again.

    Every time I wear this fragrance, I am still uneasy for the first 20 minutes. During that time I am 90% certain that I've made a mistake. But after that, it is simply one of the best fragrances that humanity has ever managed to formulate. It is warm and deep and delicious and sensual.

    I've read that there are over 300 different ingredients in this masterpiece. I can't smell them all, but I always feel like I'm wearing a work of art when I put it on.

    It's not a fragrance for everyone. It's a fragrance that lasts, but it doesn't zing across the room like some perfumes do. It has very rounded, full, soft edges.

    This is not a fragrance for a girl. This is a fragrance for a woman.

    If you're tired of the soapy, piercing, headache-inducing "clean clean clean" laundry perfumes, if you'd rather smell like a goddess than a lollipop, if you'd like to make people nervous at church, give Bal a Versailles a try. :)

    25 February, 2014

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    To me, this is the incredibly beautiful definition of perfume. I own the vintage EdC, the vintage parfum and await the arrival of the vintage EdT so I can wear all three at once as its designer, Jean Desprez, intended -- never mind the inflated prices paid. Nor will I go into the many notes. They exist in other perfumes. BaV transcends its components. This is a powerhouse perfume for a self-confident person seeking luxury for the nose.

    p.s. I bought Coty's Laimant and tested it against BaV. They're similar, but not the same. The jasmine & orange blossom are much stronger in BaV and it is more complex and rich.

    10th January, 2014

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    Bigger than life and as sexy as the come

    Here we have a fine example of "over-the-top" perfumery at its best. I don't mean that in a derogatory way--in fact I adore this fragrance and am searching for a bottle to add to my collection, for I know the sample I own won't last long. The vintage EDT is, as one reviewer described it, "Rococo" in effect; big, complex, a veritable cornucopia of notes that spell out "sexy" in large, bold letters for all to see. No, don't wear this for running around town, catching up with errands; the reaction from the male sex is pronounced. This is meant for special moments. Seduction. Because there is so much going on in this fragrance, teasing out individual notes is difficult. The animalic notes appeared within moments of application, surrounded by sweet florals and juicy citrus fruit. The opening might be a bit much for some noses, but be patient because once the fragrance settles in, it's lovely and becomes deeply resinous and woody. The civit is pronounced. If you love the perfume "Shocking", I'm sure you'll love this as well. Sillage is BIG, longevity excellent. I could still pick up the scent 12 hours after application. A classic in its own right, one that everyone should at least try before assuming it's "just a skanky civit".

    Pros: Warm, spicy, animalic, heavy florals, great longevity and sillage.
    Cons: Might be too big and bold for some tastes."

    20th September, 2013

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    Orange blossom, opoponax, and a whiff of plastic doll. I have to assume that my bottle is a modern formulation, so I detect no outrageous civet or bestial skank. There is, however, a whisper of the hay loft and the barnyard. This is lovely, when I am in the mood. I have to get past the Plastic doll note. This is a scent that I imagine Betty Draper wearing: it evokes, for her, a 1960's evocation of both the palace at Versailles where this princess would love to envisage herself in a scandalous assignation, and the stables where she enjoys flirting with young WASP heirs whilst working up a sweat during her horse riding lessons. Over-hyped, but a lovely study in opoponax.

    03 May, 2013

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    I own the vintage juice and it smells exactly the same as vintage Cotys L'aimaint and l'aimant last longer on me. Bought this blind because of reviews was a bit disappointed, dont quite know what I was expecting, something richer and heavier because I do love silllage monsters. Save your money and find vintage coty instead.

    22 March, 2013

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    Many years ago as I walked through Harods in London, I avoided as usual the perfume praying mantis trying to make me try the synthetic mass produced chemical concoctions and happened upon the sight of a massive bottle of Bal a Versailles. Maybe its quite sad to realise that initially I was seduced by my eyes and not my nose, but yes, it was the case. I did have a try of the tester though and as I wandered around Harods, and then later around London, I felt as though I couldn't forget the fragrance. I suppose in a way, it was like falling in love at first smell. I couldn't rest until I had aquired a bottle for myself, luckily my local wonderful perfumery in York stocks it.
    I don't wear it every day, or every week, but like a favourite Lover who only appears occasionally but never fails to please, I absolutely love it!!

    13 March, 2013

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