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Moment Suprême (1929)
by Jean Patou


Moment Suprême information

Year of Launch1929
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People and companies

HouseJean Patou
PerfumerHenri Alméras
PackagingLouis Sue
PackagingAndre Mare
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchJean Patou

About Moment Suprême

Moment Suprême is a feminine perfume by Jean Patou. The scent was launched in 1929 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Henri Alméras. The bottle was designed by Andre Mare and Louis Sue

Reviews of Moment Suprême

Vintage Pre-Ma parfum review.
Its hesperidic lavender opening works well during the daytime while the cozy amber and dirty musk drydown warms me up later in the evening. Let’s not forget its gorgeous clove and carnation heart. It is an amber lavender perfume with both calmness and opulence at the same time. It is such a beautiful perfume that moves me. Just like Billie Holiday’s voice, rich, calm with a touch of naughtiness. Simply timeless..
04th October, 2017
Stardate 20170822:

I find it dated. A familiar smell used in many personal care products that my grandmother used.
I agree with le mouchoir de monsieur - "This scent is gone, and will never return. If it did, nobody would get it" and that it is a lavendar centric fragrance.

Old Spice copied Moment Supreme, shifting the focus away from florals towards spices. And old spice gave birth to million others. From that perspective Moment Supreme is a masterpiece.
I doubt it would sell well if it was reintroduced.
22nd August, 2017 (last edited: 16th September, 2017)
I can only echo what has already been said about Moment Supreme - that it smelled of soapy lavender. Both the original and Ma Collection versions smelled identical. With most fragrances, I find that Parfum suits my skin better than EDT/EDP, but Moment Supreme was the opposite: the Eau de Toilette was perfect, but the Parfum developed a very odd chemical note, which (mad as it sounds) always reminded me of Tippex/Liquid Paper/Snopake! (I don't know if it just reacted oddly on me, or whether anyone else noticed this chemical note).

I am very surprised that Moment Supreme hasn't been added to the new Collection Heritage as yet - I had imagined it would be one of the first, as it was apparently one of the best known, and widely available of the original Patou perfumes.
07th October, 2016
Le mouchoir de Monsieur writes the most evocative reviews; teaches one how to smell a perfume, is magnificent.
I was given, yesterday two very vintage bottles of this scent and will now treasure and enjoy it. How wonderful.
19th April, 2014 (last edited: 18th April, 2014)
Once again, I feel like I am not reviewing the same fragrance as everybody else! The Moment suprême I have known and loved was most certainly not a soapy lavender-based fragrance . This extravagant amber floral always had a very strong effect on me. When I first smelled Moment suprême, it reminded me of Nilodor (a very potent disinfectant that was around in the 70's which was allegedly used in leper colonies, no kidding). That being said, I love Moment suprême! This fragrance is just excessive! The heady bouquet of mimosa, geranium, lavender, jasmine and rose is backed by a heavy amber/oakmoss base with a hint of bergamot on top and a very intense clove note to spice things up. Moment suprême is sweet, powdery and somewhat old ladylike but to me, it is mostly a warm and "gingerbready" comfort-fragrance. If I had a bottle, I should put a drop on my pillow every night!
13th September, 2012
Oh, I’m going to add a review. * giggle* YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I do appreciate Jean Patou prior to Proctor & Gamble. I cursed in frustration when they announced that 1000 would henceforth be available in a “limited range” because we all know what that means: end of production. Then I lavishly applied the rest of my last bottle in defiance, rage, rage against the dying of the light. Member: Over-reactors Anonymous.

I was happy to try Moment Supreme because lavender perfume hasn’t occupied much space in my wardrobe over the years, and I’m always glad to find one that I like. Silly me, Yardley English Lavender remains my benchmark—that and a small, straw basket full of dried lavender buds that I loved to open, stick my face into, and inhale deeply. Lavender isn’t a note that needs to be “fancied-up.” It doesn’t request the full menu, only a few á la cart items. Clean and spare works better than over-burdened with contrasting notes. Moment Supreme accomplishes just that. It makes use of lavender that is herbal to the point of smelling evergreen. To accentuate the dry, woodiness, it adds a little black pepper, but subtly, I’m glad to say, because too much of that note tips the scales into the repulsive zone for me. At the bottom of this gin-like concoction is a nice amber that steps forth and pushes the final phase into a sweet soapiness. Moment Supreme’s airy nature causes it to waft away sooner than I would like. Yet it left my skin smelling like it had been washed with fine hand soap.
29th December, 2011

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