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Divine Folie (1933)
by Jean Patou


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Year of Launch1933
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HouseJean Patou
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchJean Patou

About Divine Folie

Divine Folie is a feminine perfume by Jean Patou. The scent was launched in 1933

Reviews of Divine Folie

This is what they mean by "perfume as art". Divine Folie was a statement on the cheap decadence of the party that was the Jazz Age leading up to the Great Crash. Opens with a sharp blast of ylang ylang over some muddled florals with a dash of eugenol and some kind of waxy oiliness reminiscent of waking up in your makeup. It's surprisingly lovely with a madeleine-like vanilla / iris combo, which I presume is where the rose, jasmine and neroli ended up. It lasts for a while, but it's a very close wear.
07th February, 2015
This smells predominantly of cloves/carnation with a comfortable warmth on me. As such it does very little for me showing no real facets. It also reminds me of Colony in feel. This review is for the EdT!
01st August, 2011
"Oscar" by Oscar de la Renta (made 1977) almost copied "Divine Folie". I kid you not! They are very identical. This is 50% "Oscar" + 50% Guerlain "L'heure bleu". "Divine Folie" smells more expencive, sweeter, and much more rounded, and more well done than todays "Oscar" in those tall bottles. "Oscar" is my signature-scent. So this came as a big SUPRISE to me, as I've always thought "Oscar" is such a scent that stands out from the crowd! Fascinating ineed! I'd go for "L'heure bleu" instead of this hard-to-find $$$ discontinued one.
21st January, 2011
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United States
I"m assuming my sample is 'aged', since this is discontinued.
this is one that I like, but don't love. The floral drydown is warm and sweet, and a spiciness keeps it interesting. What i'd like more of is a heavier base with more contrast. This fragrance gets a bit 'stale' on me, but again, probably due to age.

I can imagine that in it's hey day this was a stunning scent, though. Well worth trying if you can.
26th September, 2010
VintageVogue has described this gorgeous perfume perfectly! It is a close wearing well crafted and ladylike leather - better snag a bottle before they're all gone.
21st May, 2009
Divine Folie, another beauty by Henri Almeras, who also brought us Joy and Normandie, is part of the Ma Collection reprisals. There are still a scant few full bottles online. Released in 1933, Divine Folie was formulated to accessorize the white satin and silk evening gowns Patou was designing to counterbalance the little black cocktail dresses of Chanel, yet it is versatile enough for day wear as well. Divine Folie is in many ways a more floral precursor of Normandie, released two years later. DF is well mannered and feminine with notes of neroli and ylang-ylang balanced with jasmine, iris and rose. I also smell carnation and amber. And now and then I smell a note which is vaguely reminiscent of leather. It's almost as if a svelte, Patou-clad femme has just opened her leather handbag from which she is retrieving her driving gloves, and she's wearing a carnation in her lapel. Like Normandie, Divine Folie is subtle and warm and is very wearable. It does not scream "vintage" in any way, nor is it a heavy aldehyde like Chanel 22 or Chanel 5, both beauties, but both admittedly heavy fragrances. How sad that Patou's Ma Collection has been discontinued. The gorgeous fragrances in the Collection deserve to be enjoyed by yet another generation.
21st June, 2006

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