Jil Sander Bath & Beauty (1981)
    by Jil Sander

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    I was lucky enough to stumble across a small, reasonably priced bottle of the old stuff. Apparently, it's an 80's bottle (UTIF on bottom) of opaque white glass. & it is Pretty Fabulous. Sniffing the spray (spray sniffer that I tend to be!), a lovely, somewhat soft, powdery and muted light spicy aromatic. Applying on the skin, big blast of the spicy aromatic. It takes little strange detours into different but overall fun good-time territories: an Ivoire like soapiness, the slightest leather tinge of a extremely downplayed Lonestar Memories, and a hint of Magie Noire until the heart settles into a wonderful scent that reminds me of Xmas time. I wore this on a long ramble through the cooling misty autumn evening, with wet leaves covering the ground and the humidity and fog amplifying all scents. It was a perfect fit with the occasional wafts of deep forest essence. There is just nothing like it coming out today. Highly recommended.

    31st October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    A female Kouros with its aldehydes, the incense, the balsams, the musk, the opaque soapy mildness? Yes, i felt properly that feel inhaling the laundry-detergent aldehydic dust exaling from  my wrist. This is a white floral chypre that elicits a sort of bath foam kind and detergent-soapy floral vibe in the air. The smell is powdery, rosey (better rosey-violety), woody (powdery woods) and musky. The feel perceived is cleverly detergent and a bit old-school due a magistrally appointed combination of aldehydes (playing the main role in my opinion), vintage bergamot, sharp flowers as iris, violet and ylang-ylang (producing a sort of laundry-soapy violety whiff), powdery cedarwood, a touch of incense and musky balsams. Some aromatic elements as juniper berries or coriander elicit an aromatic cool feel out in the aldehydic powder while the role played by a further flower, the orchid, increases the white dusty floral vibe. A bit too synthetic in its white detergent dust but classic and clean.

    18 September, 2012

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