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Red Roses (1996)
by Jo Malone London


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJo Malone London
PerfumerJo Malone
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Red Roses

Red Roses is a feminine perfume by Jo Malone London. The scent was launched in 1996 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jo Malone

Reviews of Red Roses

As the name goes, Red Roses is quite all about rose, played in a way I really enjoy here. It’s fresh, green and breezy, probably one of the most bracing and crisp rose-based scents I’ve ever tried. It avoids any soapy-camphorous effect, far from any classic rose inspiration; rather enhancing the natural fruity-leafy side of rose (also thanks to some citrus notes). Truly a basket of freshly-cut wet roses with no frills. I am not aware whether they used some particular variety of rose here (or if they used real rose oils in the first place), all I know is that this fragrance smells fresh, pleasant and refined – that sort of relaxed, playful, understated “weekend” kind of elegance. Obviously perfect for any formal situation as well. A simple, maybe a tad boring after a while but really effective and highly enjoyable all-rounder.

02nd June, 2015
Described as a blend of seven roses, Red Roses does not disappoint in that respect. It's a fresh, light, slightly green composition of roses that seems quite natural, as is generally the case with the Jo Malone offerings. The other notes that I can detect (mint, mainly) are definitely overwhelmed by the roses, and are likely incorporated primarily to keep it fresh, rather than create a blended effect.

It leans slightly feminine but could probably work for a man (though not as well as other rose-based fragrances like Tom Ford Cafe Rose or Noir de Noir, or even Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud), so its lightness makes it also lean slightly to warmer weather, and probably for the day rather than night.

As with the other Jo Malone colognes, Red Roses lacks in both projection and longevity but still comes at a hefty price, so I won't be opting for a bottle, but would certainly recommend this to any interested in a fresh rose smell.

7 out of 10
27th March, 2015
Red Roses Cologne is a Jo Malone's "integralist" (minimalistic) botanic take on the roses theme since the fragrance is a (somewhat fresh-green) twist on a really earthy-lymphatic-citric red roses aroma which appears by soon lemony, angular, green, rich (in a rosey way) and sparkling. Almost no sweetness around, just multifaceted roses water with all its green neutrality, its "angular-laundriness", the final sinister bath foam-like vaguely honeyed soapiness. The aroma is fresh, "soap and water", earthy for a while and vegetal in all senses. There is not almost evolution cause since the beginning the aroma is freshly-greenly rosey (despite it happens in an articulated way). Endly does this fragrance smell exactly like roses? I would better say it smells exactly like a good quality detergent-cleaning rose water. The lasting power is great.
13th August, 2014 (last edited: 14th August, 2014)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A rose is a rose is a rose! Pure, intensive rose, more on the richer and darker side with occasional whiffs of cut rose stems, orange, honey and floral notes, but mainly glorious rose. A bit linear overall, but convincing in it's pure intensity of rose. Like other Jo Malones it is good for layering, but it is a beautiful scent in its own rights. Good silage and projection, and a brilliant longevity of nearly eight hours on me. Well done, Estée Lauder!
22nd November, 2012
I love rose scents, and I've tried several rose soliflores-- some powdery, some sharp, some green. They seem an adequate enough approximation, but grow tiresome.

This one smells like actual roses, an up-close sniff in a summer garden. It's absolutely lovely and putting it on transports me.

Initially the sillage is somewhat strong but it calms down after half an hour or so. Nothing funky happens to it on my skin; it softens but its character doesn't change much. After a day of wear it's faded to only a close smell.
13th July, 2012
Love this scent, alone or layered. It really smells like roses and it really lasts for me.
After applying a small amount, I can still smell it the next day.

Positively wonderful layered with Orange Blossom.
To save $, I've purchased this and several others in bath oil form, which is generally $65 for 8.5oz instead of $55 for a single ounce of cologne.

Still expensive if poured into a bath, but not so much if gently applied to damp skin after a shower or bath.

Until a couple of years ago, I grew many old fashioned and antique roses. We've had all of them removed to make maintenance simpler, but I really miss that scent that used to fill the air around our home.
Red Roses reminds me of that smell.
06th December, 2011

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