Rococo (1999)
    by Joop!

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    This is such a nice scent. It's not too strong, and the heliotrope notes are definitely present on me. I agree with Ken's statement about the perfume being like a pale, vintage pink. That was the first color to spring to mind when I put this perfume on.

    The name "Rococo" definitely fits this fragrance perfectly.

    19 January, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Blind testing Rococo, I picked up a note that I could only describe as a mild, peppermint candy, sweet and a bit cool. I looked up the notes, and it is probably due to the pineapple and spice combination. While I think this is a pleasant, mild aroma that is not exactly run-of-the-mill, I cannot claim that it is terribly distinctive, either. I would wear it, but it would not draw me irresistably.

    15 December, 2007

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    To me this is a very sensual, beautiful fragrance. As stated by another reviewer, it has a lovely complex nature that combines a sparkling, elusive elegance with an underlying warmth and luxuriously edible quality. Irresistable!

    14 November, 2006

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    Romania Romania

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    Even if it is a feminine scent, this one haunted me when i first came in touch with a tester. It stands up to its name, being the quintessence of Roccoco style in a bottle. I would certainly like my female date/ partner to wear this one. It has a certain pink feeling, but not that girly pink of Barbie dolls, rather more vintage, pale restrained touches of pink to be found in the paintings of Boucher and Watteau, vibrant with casual elegance, careless living, arisocratic characters, innocent and playful sensuality- even if created in 1999, this fragrance takes you back into the mild-mannered, hedonistic yet cheerful 18-th centrury. The fruity, citrus and floral touches are lush, multidimensional and addictive and, if it wasn't for a typically feminine, generous, fragile warmth it could be almost of unisex style. Almost edible, yet very elusive at the same time. Luxury and easygoing optimism in a strange, but flwless alchemy. Pity that the male version is not that good, as it seems to take the same femnine notes( without anything masculine about it) on a much more onedimensional level, smelling like most of mass-market male fragrances.

    04 April, 2006

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