Jordache (1983)
    by Jordache

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    Better than I expected

    I was not expecting great things from this fragrance since I paid almost nothing for a bottle (1.7 oz) in ebay, but to my surprise, it was very good indeed. It is citrusy and smells a lot like Bowling Green (hard to find since it was discontinued). If you find it, snatch it and you will not be disappointed.

    Sillage and longevity are not that great, but it compares with BG too.

    Pros: Fresh, outdoorsy and masculine
    Cons: Low sillage and longevity"

    04 September, 2013

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    This review is for Jordache Man, which I believe is from 1983. I am writing it up here because there is no entry for it in the directory at this time. The bottle has a blue plastic cap that unscrews and a clear bottle. I would calll this an EdC formulation, in terms of strength. The scent is subtle and well blended. I couldn't find the notes listed anywhere, but it strikes me as having lavender, cumin, some citrus, and various common basenotes (patchouli, leather, oakmoss, etc.), but it's so subtle and well blended that it's very hard to tell exactly. An important point here is that it is not that kind of blending that I call a "sythetic olfactory blob," which i detest. There is some "transparency" here, which is not like the "power frags" of that time. Perhaps beccause of this, it doesn't smell "old" and "out of date." There is no animalic note that I can detect, unless you consider cumin to be one. All in all, a great alternative to those seeking a "masculine" fragrance with some transparency, and if you have patience you can snag a 3 ounce bottle on ebay for less than $20, perhaps even around $10.

    24 January, 2011

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