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Jungle L'Éléphant (1996)
by Kenzo


Jungle L'Éléphant information

Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 256 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerDominique Ropion
SupplierCreations Aromatiques
PackagingJoel Desgrippes
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Jungle L'Éléphant

A distinctive spicy oriental fragrance. The first of Kenzo's Jungle range.

Jungle L'Éléphant fragrance notes

Reviews of Jungle L'Éléphant

Ultimate. Olfactory. Perfection.
04th May, 2017
This was love at first sniff. I'm addicted!

The caraway, clove and cardamom create a really interesting spicy blend with noticeable cinnamon even though it isn't listed. This is one of the few fragrances I've tried where each note is very discernible and yet still in beautiful proportion and well blended. It's unique and stunning. This is one that I'm not sure I could ever be without now!

Longevity and projection are both excellent.
29th September, 2016
Clove; bright and SPICY. A little sweet, but there is a cinnamon bite to even it out.

This is unisex for me. On my skin it smells like a bunch of holiday potpourri, which sounds terrible but I like that sort of thing. In the air its sharp and all clove, with an animal depth to it, not unlike musk.

I would wear this every day, I enjoyed this in the bottle and right out of it.
24th July, 2016 (last edited: 23rd July, 2016)
Holy moly, clove and licorice just teamed together to smack me over the head with a baseball bat! I blind bought this thinking it would be the warm vanilla spice I was looking for. I really shouldn't have. Testing first would have been wise. I'm not saying this is a bad perfume whatsoever, but for me I have a questionable relationship with these particular two notes. I feel like a dummy for not paying attention to the note pyramid before buying. Well anyway obviously clove, licorice, and vanilla are the key players on my skin. My skin amps clove so much that it becomes unbearable, that's part of my problem. Plus I just do not like the smell of black licorice/anise. I also get the cardamom, the caraway, the hint of patchouli, and I sense the "cashmere" feel of a sort of furry fabric scent underneath it all. I get barely any hint of the florals or fruit. This perfume comes off as Christmas spices rubbed against a really expensive luxury fabric worn by an exotic mature woman. This is not a "safe" scent, so let's assume she might be wearing a dagger somewhere under that cashmere.
27th June, 2016
This perfume is I think the only one I've given five stars in every category to; this is an amazingly great perfume on every level. The sillage, longevity, and projection all elephantine, though about an hour in the foghorn of projection dims somewhat and softens. I love all of it, the huge nature of it, and the comforting and familiar Christmas smell of it. I actually like it best in the summer, though most seem to feel it's only a winter perfume. Whenever you wear it you'll smell beautiful, edible and dark. The spices and vanilla are very warm and golden, like you've been dunked in a vat of creamy eggnog, or powdered lovingly with cloves and cinnamon. The only place I wouldn't wear it is the office, but not because of worry about the sensibilities of my coworkers, rather because this, to me, is an eyes rolled back in my head scent. I literally wouldn't be able to concentrate on my work wearing this gorgeous perfume. I would just float in an olfactory euphoria to the point of termination. I don't just love this perfume, I also respect and admire the beauty and audacity of its composition. This was a brilliant job of perfumery, and I am in awe of its creator. Perfume done right. Perfume as perfume, and not some nebulous hint of scent. This is a huge, elephant of a love for me.
11th July, 2015

A definite attention getter.there's something about it that provokes compliments and questions everyday you wear it,especially from men.caraway,vanilla and patchouli emphasize it's oriental character and the uniqueness of this addictive perfume,which comes in a interesting bottle. Spicy,Sweet,Thrilling,Powerful, Sensual,Classic and Oriental.

Succulent with mango and vanilla under the caravan of spices(cloves and cardamom in the opening).it also offers a modern and provocative hue from a heart of caraway and licorice.supremely warm base,including notes of woods,patchouli and vanilla create it sharp and clean at the same time and taking you away to an exotic land of luxurious nature.

The confident lady will wear this perfume and feel the magic.KENZO JUNGLE L'ELEPHANT is a spicy great Evening perfume.if you are shy you feel bold with this one and people will envy your beauty.Anyway if you are a fan of Oriental-Spicy you can not go wrong with this one.wear this EDP to be noticed and remembered.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

24th April, 2015

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