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Jungle L'Éléphant (1996)
by Kenzo


Jungle L'Éléphant information

Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 269 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerDominique Ropion
SupplierCreations Aromatiques
PackagingJoel Desgrippes
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Jungle L'Éléphant

A distinctive spicy oriental fragrance. The first of Kenzo's Jungle range.

Jungle L'Éléphant fragrance notes

Reviews of Jungle L'Éléphant

Spicy and a bit animalic in the first half hour, I could see why this is called L'Elephant. But this changed drastically, becoming a rich, full bodied flowery scent, quite sweet and a bit powdery, clean and with a subtle fruitiness. After this change, it stays pretty much linear and the words that would suit it are sweet, creamy, floral, powdery, vanilic. This would be quite nice on a woman.
09th March, 2018
If three wrong spices
Don't make an amazing scent,
Try four, five or six.

"What is it?" they cried.
"I know not", I told the men,
"But it rules this place."

And thus Queen Fan'ti
Welcomed my admiration
In lieu of my love.

25th November, 2017
Passing through airport today I liberally applied Jungle (Elephant - well it's the only Jungle now that Tigre has been discontinued - I've never tried that one). The spicy (but so unlike other spicy perfumes!) opening and middle kept me cheerful through the ever more tedious security checks and waiting around to board. On the 7 hour flight, I very much enjoyed its spicy (clove, cumin, caraway) and aniseed envelope insulating me from the world. I may have oversprayed a bit, but the woman beside me was having her own little affair with Jameson so I don't think I bothered anyone!

It's still going strong 12 hours later waiting for a connection, the spice is still there over some amber-patchouli when snifffed up close.

I really should get a bottle of this, but I think my fondness for it is magnified by our sporadic encounters in airport duty free shops... It's a fantastic brief encounter but I don't know about everyday wear.
19th July, 2017
I had been wanting to try this for ages. It was even on my wishlist, unsniffed. It just sounded like what I'd be into.

In 2009, I saw a tester at duty free at the airport. I was delighted to finally try and maybe buy it. Now, this may have been the problem - and the only reason I am giving a neutral instead of negative to one of the worst fragrance experiences of my life: In my enthusiasm, I may have used too much. I sprayed once on my wrist, and before thinking, 1-2 sprays my neck/cleavage area...

Oh my lord! Migraine-threat and nausea came at me fast! I seriously had never reacted to a perfume with such intensity. I left the store to wash off as much as I could, as I was literally about to be sick... I washed my wrist off with soap and water many many times, and even washed my neck/chest as much as I could. Although I did this within minutes of applying, I couldn't get the scent out of my skin. It had also settled into my clothes so I had to sit with this smell on me for a few hours (on the plane, then train, then bus home).

It was 1 am when I got home but I immediately went and showered, and washed everything I was wearing, including my scarf and jacket.

I know, it may be my fault for spraying it on without thinking... But it's not like I sprayed 5-10 times! I think the point of this review is, even if this seems like it will be your dream scent, don't buy this unsniffed! Try it. And if you do try it, spray once into the air near your wrist and catch some of the mist with your wrist type of thing. Very very light. At least start with that.

Of course it's possible that I simply do not like this perfume but I am trying to be fair and gave it a neutral since maybe 2-3 sprays was too much and the disaster was partly my fault. Maybe one day I will dare to try it again... Clearly it works for a lot of people. But for me, worst perfume experience of my life. :(
05th July, 2017
Ultimate. Olfactory. Perfection.
04th May, 2017
This was love at first sniff. I'm addicted!

The caraway, clove and cardamom create a really interesting spicy blend with noticeable cinnamon even though it isn't listed. This is one of the few fragrances I've tried where each note is very discernible and yet still in beautiful proportion and well blended. It's unique and stunning. This is one that I'm not sure I could ever be without now!

Longevity and projection are both excellent.
29th September, 2016

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