Jungle Le Tigre (1997)
    by Kenzo

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    A second twist on the jungle theme by Kenzo, which contains exotic fruits and Asian spices.

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    cleo cupcake
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Of the two Jungle scents I like Elephant - it's a great big frag, good for winter in my opinion , but the Tigre is a much more likeable and sophisticated animal.

    The fresh subtle fruit opening soon mellows into an unusual dry grassiness but the dry down is simply divine. The cinnamon note is brilliant, it blooms as it warms on the skin and makes the whole fragrance come alive. And thankfully, this stage lasts for hours.
    I love it and would happily wear this year round - so I am very sad that they chose to discontinue it. Plenty of average perfumes seem to live forever - this is a jewel that deserved to live on. I treasure the little I have left.
    The elephant trumpets and stamps but the tiger smiles and purrs!

    22 April, 2011

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    Somerville Metro Man
    United States United States

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    Kenzo Jungle Le Tigre

    Dominique Ropion created a pair of scents under the Jungle brand for Kenzo. The first in 1996 L'Elephant is one of my favorites. Its zoological companion, Le Tigre, was released a year later in 1997. The two scents are very different but yet there are some similarities. Both scents show a willingness on the part of the designer to try something different. The top of Le Tigre starts conventional with a shot of bergamot but it is joined with a tart kumquat note which adds an edge to the beginning. Also along at the beginning is the note Davana which is an African savanna grass. There is a grassiness below the citrus top and that must be the Davana. It is a quite beautiful beginning. As it continues to develop it becomes more floral as osmanthus becomes the dominant note. Through this stage the scent treads fairly traditional fruity-floral territory but the presence of the Davana gives it a different feel. The joy of Le Tigre comes in the drydown as the sweetness starts to recede and first cinnamon makes its appearance in spicy counterpoint to the sweet that has come before. To pair with the cinnamon is an amazing woody base which has hints of coconut to it. This woodiness comes from Massoia and it is just an incredible finish to this scent. Le Tigre is a more starightforward scent than L'Elephant but the use of the African notes of Davana and Massoia give it a unique character and one keeping in the spirit of being in the scented jungle.

    09 May, 2009

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    I´m sure too that have plenty of cumin too.
    A very pleasant fragrance not annoying at all, and def. very special. Very difficult to find though

    23 June, 2007

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    Odd in a great way. No fun smelling like same old same old. Much too frou frou fruity for me though. Smells a little dated, like Trans Am's and leopard print underwear.

    23 October, 2006

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    The opening of ususual fruits is actually not at all annoying, it's a bit peculiar, in a good way. Then the osmanthis takes over, a very odd flower indeed, though tempered by the ylang-ylang. The drydown is lovely. I'd swear there was a little cumin in this, too. It's quite unique and great for those days you want to wear something a little different.

    15 August, 2006

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    Out of the two jungles, I MUCH prefer to wear the Tiger. I find it is not at all cloying while the drydown is simply amazing on my skin. It opens up with citrus notes and goes into sensual spicy balsamic woods. Cinnamon is a very welcome and well blended touch.

    30th April, 2006

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