FlowerbyKenzo (2000)
    by Kenzo

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    This fragrance is available in three sizes (30ml, 50ml and 100ml). Each size represents a different stage in the blooming of a poppy flower.
    Bizarrely, the poppy has no scent of its own.

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    Canada Canada

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    Yikes. This smells like scented baby wipes. Where's the opoponax? How disappointing. I have no desire to smell like baby powder/wipes, straight up, no complexity or nuance, at ALL.

    24 March, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I like this, but I do find it wears off quickly almost like a deodorant. Need to top it up during the day.

    31st January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Cloying, sweet, nondescript powder. The smell is the polar opposite of the elegant, spare packaging. And red? Red isn't the color I think of for this. There's no passion or brightness in this mix. It's more like melted, rainbow colored sherbet mixing with leftover sheet cake.

    07 April, 2013

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    anomie et ivoire

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    The opening is all cutie pies and femmey bliss through the wacky/folky Kenzo fashion filter that makes those qualities into an art. The drydown creeps in with a hazy suggestion of freshly turned shrimp cocktail. Opoponax (balsamic and animalic smelling resin), hawthorn (ultra sweet and sharp), and black currant (the cat pee note) are notes that easily read as bodily and profane. Mixed into a modern take on Royal Bain de Caron like Flower, funeralic associations emerge: cheap bouquets and fetid bodies. Also there are ketones given off right before death, and this musk smacks of that scent to me.

    A very morbid review, I realize, and if Flower sustains the pleasure of its opening notes for you and skips out on the heavily disturbing drydown, you're luckier than I was. A perfume that means to be creepy and does it with grace I can take, but this sort of unintentional lipstick on the teeth scenario made for several queasy wearings before Flower was banish'ed. Though I like many scents generally disliked by most people, this one is beyond reprieve: could be summed up as soiled diaper and a rare true case of dead ringer baby powder. But like someone with a flower in place of a brain, I'll probably give this one another try at some point and report back once the extant repeat trauma has faded from memory. It's at least iconic?

    15 September, 2012

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    I have it on today. And it smells so similar to Burberry Body because of the Bulgarian Rose. Wears off with vanilla scent.

    29 June, 2012

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    New Zealand New Zealand

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    There's no doubt that FbK is a perfume to which people are seldom indifferent. It has a smell of quality, it's penetrating and powerful in its unnuanced sweetness. I don't experience it transforming over time at all, as others seem to. On me, it's signally reluctant to do anything but fade a bit. If I didn't wash, it'd hang on, getting stale, but still resolutely, recognisably itself.
    I've had it and worn it, on and off, for several years, the same bottle. At first, I was enchanted by what I took to be its splendid girly innocence. I guess what's happened is: I find its lack of development over time, its insistent shout of sweetness just plain tiring. One can weary of the best perfume, but this one seems designed in a wearisome way. Any charm offensive can fail, it falls apart into charm... and offensive...
    Someone mentioned Baudrillard and the idea of a simulacrum - something which is an imitation of something else that doesn't actually exist. What a wonderful insight - and about the art of modern perfumery in general too; modern perfumes being mostly made of aromachemicals. Yes, it's nothing less than Art.
    Anyway, to get back to FbK, shallow is shallow is shallow. In FbK, the map has indeed become the territory. FbK goes nowhere slowly and is, perhaps, the appropriate scent for my last day. When I leave a wish-list of garments and so on for my body to be clad in, I'll ask to be perfumed with FbK. I won't be able to smell it and I'll be beyond weariness.

    13 May, 2012

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