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Eau des Vanilliers (2004)
by L'Occitane


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Year of Launch2004
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About Eau des Vanilliers

Eau des Vanilliers is a feminine perfume by L'Occitane. The scent was launched in 2004

Reviews of Eau des Vanilliers

Went to buy a second bottle of this last year and was super disappointed to find that it was being discontinued. I should have bought everything they had. I get a too-tingling floral burst for the first minutes, but the drydown is such a masterpiece on my skin I'd get a "You smell amazing!" every day I wore it. It's such a pure warm sophisticated vanilla with none of that sharp fakeness or teenybop candy sweetness, and wears so deliciously close to my skin for a day and a half. It's even sexier smelled on your skin the morning after you apply it. I can't believe this was discontinued in Canada. I conserve what little I have left and receive a sort of "welcome back" from my boyfriend on the days I wear it.
10th April, 2009
Perfect for fans of the gourmand. A little out of character for L'Occitane, though, I must say.

The vanilla here is not entirely gourmand, mind you -- it's (to my nose, anyway) the sexy, floral vanilla mixed very nicely with the tasty variety.

I put it on my swap list because I, try as I might, just couldn't make it work on my skin -- unisex it wasn't. (Not that it was ever meant to be.) Give me my Shalimar edt and I'm in the vanilla place I need to be.
12th October, 2007
A wonderful Vanilla for chilly or snowy days!
If you love vanilla and you love toasted marshmallows, then you will love this luscious creamy scent. The toasted marshmallow note is not a burnt marshmallow, but one that is starting to carmelize. It smells creamier than just carmelized sugar. This adds a nice touch to the vanilla, giving it more depth. And it lasts. This would be a great gift for Valentine's day.
05th January, 2007
If you enjoy "Vanilla" then you will adore this scent! It is a nice scent but to me when you first spritz it on, sometimes it can overtake you a bit! But, after awhile, it calms down to a very soft,sensual & warm fragrance. It is really lovely for fall/winter. And, I always get numerous compliments no matter what L'Occitane scent I wear! Just a fabulous line of fragrances!
10th December, 2006
This is such a beautiful scent on me! My skin normally amps up jasmine in the worst way, but thankfully this completely works for me. It's a perfect sweet (but not sickly-sweet) and sort of creamy vanilla, with a touch of spice, and a lovely subtle floral. A perfect scent for anytime, but I think this will be excellent in the fall. It's a comforting scent, yet sexy at the same time.
11th October, 2006
Purchased on one of those coming into spring and "have to buy a fragrance" days! Very affordable, light oriental, flowery. Sweet but subtle. My son has just come into the room as I spritzed for this review - "Whatever that is, it's great" he says!
27th July, 2006

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