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Sun Moon Stars (1994)
by Lagerfeld


Sun Moon Stars information

Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerSophia Grojsman
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Elizabeth Arden > Parfums International

About Sun Moon Stars

Sun Moon Stars is a feminine perfume by Lagerfeld. The scent was launched in 1994 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Sophia Grojsman

Sun Moon Stars fragrance notes

Reviews of Sun Moon Stars

This was the first grown up scent I ever wore. I have hoarded many vintage bottles so I can continue to wear it. The dominant aromas for me are bulgarian rose and carnation, tempered with a light touch of fruity aldehyde. The combination feels both regal and fresh at the same time.

A lot of reviewers seem to hate this one, mentioning the fake fruit scent. The aldehyde pineapple/peach is present and it was a pretty common note during the nineties. I think it makes it recognizable as a 90s era scent and that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you lived during that era, your nose will probably be accustomed to it and it will bring back some nostalgia. I'll also theorize that some reviewers who found the perfume to be overwhelmingly fruity may have gotten spoiled perfume. In my quest to buy up my personal supply from eBay, I've received several bottles that were quite off smelling. Since it was marketed heavily to young teens, it wasn't always stored in the best condition.
11th October, 2017
This is gorgeous and so sad that it's discontinued!

On me it opens with a prominent orchid note with waterlily and freesia. Darkly floral with the sweetness of fresh flowers alone.

As it dries, Narcisse, sandalwood, amber and musk all mingle with the floral bouquet to produce fragrance that to me is really quite special. It conjures images of being outside, in the middle of a warm summers night, with the stars in the sky and a gentle breeze carrying the smell of fresh flowers.

The bottle I don't love so much. Very 90's. Everything seemed to be decorated with those moons and suns back then in our house.
04th October, 2016
A dark, voluptuous fruity floral oriental that is quite old-fashioned in its concentration of oils.

This was a surprise for me, as I had never heard of it before a friend found a tiny quarter ounce sample bottle for me at a yard sale. The bottle is gorgeous with its sculptured orbs blue on blue and its gold cap.

Hard to believe that girls wore this in high school, as one reviewer states, as it strikes me it is for mature women only, but glad to hear of such good taste so young.

If you are a fan of orientals, it is highly recommended. The mix of sweet peach and mandarin are wonderfully supported by the floral medley with just enough base to anchor it securely, but not overpower it.
24th May, 2016
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Sweet in a solid way on me. Long lasting. I only wear it in cold times of yr. it's one of my favorites. First noticed it on a friend about 10 yrs ago.,,, not sure if I would love on me,but it's perfect for me in winter.( Too heavy for hot weather)
01st March, 2014
"Floral-Oriental" my arse...It smells like marshmallows. Eventually they will come out with a "flanker" of it with the inevitable chocolate note, which they could name "S'mores". Really quite the nastiest thing I have smelt in a long time. Pure nausea.
24th August, 2011

K.L Sun Moon Stars is like a strange Bird cannot decide
if i like nor love The opening has a sparkling anise
opening S.M.S has a similar Banana note stands prominent
Like D&G's Sicily but it's doesn't give an syrupy
cloying effect like Sicily; Sun Moon Stars is dried and
more ozonic touch; Red Orchids swim around juicy Peach
Gives an Intoxicating Aroma airy Freesia dries with a
dreamlike and lucent feel closes the top layer.
Heliotrope similar to the scent of Vanilla opens
the Heart of Sun Moon Stars; Rain soaked Narcissus
Gives out a darkly sweet scent almost like a mystery
The Drydown turns sweet with Vanilla which dominates
the other notes from the base seems to drown them
a bit but i can dectect a faint amount of Amber.
15th March, 2011

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