Ô Oui! (1998)
    by Lancôme

    Ô Oui! Fragrance Notes

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    Australia Australia

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    Nice, but not for me.

    I rather enjoyed the opening of O Oui! which was fresh, slightly boozy (in regards to the vodka note) and pleasantly aquatic.

    Unfortunately I found the heart a little unbearable. The pineapple and apple notes were far too dominant, crisp and sour. Just looking at the notes listed in the heart, I cringe thinking of how such strong, definitive notes could ever make an agreeable blend.

    Once this has subsided, O Oui! becomes dusty and old-smelling. My Grandmother's house smells like this, and although the scent for me is nostalgic, I'd prefer not to have it on my skin.

    The lasting power is not bad, bearing well in hot weather. I advise people to test this first before buying.

    26 June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    'If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the Rain' reminds me everytime
    i smell this Perfume the Pina Colada
    song spring into my head. The bright Yellow Lemons and Vodka are very Dominate in this Perfume. i can't Detect the other notes Because ther so
    Powerfull and Dominating to me.
    Wear this only in the Summertime when it's hot or humid and wear this Lightly this is a strong Perfume.

    The reason i'm giving this a 4
    Beacuse the Citruses and the Vodka
    can be overwhelming.

    09 October, 2010

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    Not aquatic! Fruity-floral! A fruity floral on a girl that drank vodka and is a little bit sweaty. :) It's nice. Lasting power is also good. Not overly clean as I expected, and not too average. It's ok.Not the "greatest of them all", but it's so joyful,so I'll buy a second bottle when the one I have will be over.

    13 February, 2010

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    I can't believe there is not one positive review for this one yet. It's a nice green floral fruity perfume with an intense note of water lily. It's rather strong and quite distinct - I can recognize the scent instantly when someone wears it in a crowd, a club for instance. O Oui is one of the perfumes I really like on girls. Best suited for women aged 15-30 I'd say.

    29 November, 2009 (Last Edited: 07 December, 2010)

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    France France

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    Like the glorious scent of a tin can being warmed on an old steam radiator. A very uninspiring fragrance; no clue why it is still being produced.

    27 January, 2009

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    Wales Wales

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    I have an unpleasant in-law who I plan to give this to just so that at family gatherings when she looks down her nose at me I will be able to think "but you smell of WEE!"
    I know I am not mature.

    Very poor name though. And not a particularly inspiring fragrance, but not actively unpleasant.

    06 July, 2007

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