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Arpège (1927)
by Lanvin


Arpège information

Year of Launch1927
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerAndré Fraysse
PerfumerPaul Vacher
PackagingArmand-Albert Rateau
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchLanvin

About Arpège

Arpège is a feminine perfume by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 1927 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Paul Vacher and André Fraysse. The bottle was designed by Armand-Albert Rateau

Reviews of Arpège

Vintage perfume...

Ah! It's as I remember - a classic beauty. Aldehydes, a touch of fruit, and the honeysuckle is particularly predominate. The other flowers are mild.

The heart reveals more flowers, blended with an almost creamy voice. LOTV begins to bloom. The jasmine is a bit dirty. I get some green close to the skin.

I am taken back in time to my earlier perfume exploration days. Times, when I felt everything smelled too grown up for me. Arpege, was one of those perfumes.

I smell sharpness from the rose and geranium. The middle notes are just downright beautiful. This particular little bottle of perfume was well-stored.

The flower bouquet sinks down into the base notes. They mingle and parley well with the other notes - perfect refinement. A well made kitchen sink frag. Base notes are never loud, on my skin. They emit a lady-like sillage. No one note stands out here.

Hours later amber and patchouli increase their power. Also, something a tad nutty, is present. If you can get your hands on vintage Arpege Perfume, do so. It is worth experiencing a classic.
29th March, 2019
Blind bought this as a gift, based on the impressive list of notes here on Basenotes.

Was told it smells like a mix of Moschino (Moschino) and Chanel No.5.

Judging by the notes of all 3, this seemed right but I was fearful of it resembling Chanel No.5.

Upon smelling it myself I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. And was able to confirm for myself that it's due to its absence of civet.

Not a fan of classic fragrances like this one and Moschino because they're quite elaborate causing me to get an 'allspice', powdery vibe from them rather than being able to identify the individual notes. They also remind me of some perfumed powders and balms I smelled as a kid. So not modern at all, but still, I can appreciate this one for what it is.
02nd February, 2019
Review of 1950s vintage:

I acquired a sealed vintage bottle of this on ebay. It was a dusting powder and perfume set that had never been taken out of the package. The first time I tried it (a couple of years ago) I found it to be very unpleasant and cloying. It smelled like a fragrance that you found sitting on Granny's dresser, gifted to her twenty years before and covered in dust. I thought perhaps it had gone off.

I revisited it today and it was a totally different experience.

At first blush it had a somewhat fecal quality mixed with a syrupy sweetness. I think my original mistake was not letting it develop beyond that and scrubbing. This time I held on and got a dry down that went sweet and and then mellowed into into a soft musky floral with some powder. The notes of rose, clove, honeysuckle and patchouli were most noticeable. It has a quiet vampy-ness. This time around it was reminiscent of Joan Crawford seducing the Reverend in Sadie Thompson rather than Mrs. Havisham wandering around her dusty mansion in her tattered wedding dress and one shoe.

I'm not a fan of musky anything, but this is lovely. This might be because the formulation of musk is different than modern incarnations.

It isn't a loud fragrance and doesn't have a huge amount of sillage, which I appreciate working in an office setting. It dries down quickly to a skin scent. It is sweeter than other scents I have, but I definitely will add it to rotation rather than just leaving it looking pretty on my vanity.
13th September, 2018 (last edited: 15th September, 2018)
I'm a fan of anything vintage-leaning and indolic, so needless to say, I am an admirer of Arpege. The powdery aldehydes occasionally give me pause, but the animalic aspects of the vintage version of this scent are luscious and dark and sophisticatedly retro. Amouage's Gold Man and Arpege seem to be singing the same song, and it's a refrain I love to hum along with under my breath. I don't wear either of these two very often, but each time I do, I am impressed by their amazing combination of the delicate and floral with the deep and animal.

Delicious, but perhaps an acquired taste in these squeaky clean and candy floss-times.
05th October, 2017
Complex and floral, revealing its age sensuously. I found out quite by accident how differently it behaves on moisturised skin as opposed to newly showered. With a neutral moisturiser, (E45) the base styrax and patchouli dominate and do so fairly quickly. the topnotes, dissipate quickly leaving little more than a memory. The heart stays and develops elegantly. I agree that it is quite a 'dirty' fragrance, but that is a classification I love.
23rd August, 2017
A wonderful aldehydic blend of lily of the valley, styrax, ylang ylang, and jasmine. This doesn't come across as too floral, but a complex blend that smells formal and classical. In the same vein as Jicky and Shalimar, This has held it's age well and hasn't collapsed under they over-regulated reformulations.
10th August, 2017

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