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Arpège (1927)
by Lanvin


Arpège information

Year of Launch1927
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerAndré Fraysse
PerfumerPaul Vacher
PackagingArmand-Albert Rateau
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchLanvin

About Arpège

Arpège is a feminine perfume by Lanvin. The scent was launched in 1927 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Paul Vacher and André Fraysse. The bottle was designed by Armand-Albert Rateau

Reviews of Arpège

I'm a fan of anything vintage-leaning and indolic, so needless to say, I am an admirer of Arpege. The powdery aldehydes occasionally give me pause, but the animalic aspects of the vintage version of this scent are luscious and dark and sophisticatedly retro. Amouage's Gold Man and Arpege seem to be singing the same song, and it's a refrain I love to hum along with under my breath. I don't wear either of these two very often, but each time I do, I am impressed by their amazing combination of the delicate and floral with the deep and animal.

Delicious, but perhaps an acquired taste in these squeaky clean and candy floss-times.
05th October, 2017
Complex and floral, revealing its age sensuously. I found out quite by accident how differently it behaves on moisturised skin as opposed to newly showered. With a neutral moisturiser, (E45) the base styrax and patchouli dominate and do so fairly quickly. the topnotes, dissipate quickly leaving little more than a memory. The heart stays and develops elegantly. I agree that it is quite a 'dirty' fragrance, but that is a classification I love.
23rd August, 2017
A wonderful aldehydic blend of lily of the valley, styrax, ylang ylang, and jasmine. This doesn't come across as too floral, but a complex blend that smells formal and classical. In the same vein as Jicky and Shalimar, This has held it's age well and hasn't collapsed under they over-regulated reformulations.
10th August, 2017
How gorgeous! I just tested both the current EDP and vintage extrait. They are very different. I prefer the EDP. It's all about a beautifully mixed tuberose. A bit sweet but not cloying. Sexy and elegant, with good projection and longevity. Current but vintage.

The vintage extrait is more disappointing. Of course, it smells oily and stays very close to the skin. It's rounder. Powdery. Discreet. This extrait could be worn by men as well, while I think the EDP is very feminine.
05th May, 2017
I found some vintage Arpege extrait, and I would describe it as a softer, rounder, less concentrated version of Ubar. Ubar contains modern components that allow its individual notes to really pop and sparkle and be more articulated than those in an aged vintage fragrance, yet the scent profiles of these two are very, very similar - dominant sandalwood; civet; similar mixed floral heart with discernible lily of the valley. The top notes and aldehydes in my bottle of Arpege have long dissipated, so all I can know of it is a bit of its heart and a lot of its base, which doesn't have the mossiness of a chypre, nor the sweetness of an oriental, and is an elegant animalic woody thing at this point. It's unisex and smells quite of its time in much the way that Vol de Nuit does.

I've always found Ubar to be stunning in both senses of the word. I've kept a leaky sample in a drawer because it makes my office smell nice, but the fact that one drop left in a five-year old carded sample contained in a closed drawer scents my whole office, well...that's a more potent fragrance than I can wear on my person. That said, I've come to have a whole new context and excitement for it through getting to know vintage Arpege, because I can better see what Amouage were trying to do, and they really nailed the classic style in a way that doesn't smell dated, just timeless.
16th February, 2017
I had the chance (misfortune?) to smell the vintage and the new formulation back to back. It is the quintessential example of everything that is wrong with brands milking their past for all it's worth.

The vintage is a lovely floral on which entire pages have been written, so I will be brief. I really felt like in a field of flowers in the middle of the European summer, when the pollen and the smell is particularly heady.

The new formulation smells of rotten fruit mixed with drain cleaner. That is literally the picture that formed in my head as I recoiled from the sample and tried not to throw up. It is just awful and has absolutely nothing in common with its grandparent.

Do not give your money to the people who have done this, it will only encourage them.
18th August, 2016

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