Laura Ashley No. 1 (original) (1989)
    by Laura Ashley

    Laura Ashley No. 1 (original) Fragrance Notes

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    I bought my hand painted bottle of Laura Ashley No.1 in a heated online auction, and let me start with, this vintage juoce is discontinued and coveted. What is so special about it? Well, apart from the lovely bottle, Laura Ashley No. 1 is a type of scent that they don't make anymore. A formal, prim, proper and very soapy Rose. This little lady opens with a bitter green and soapy bite, that relaxes into a rosey spring floral. What makes Laura Ashley No. 1 so different from today's fragrances geared for young people is that No. 1 is completely void of some of the most common notes in this genre currently. There are no ozonic or aquatic notes, there is no vanilla, no amber, no patchoulli, and very little musk. If you dream of wearing a starched white uniform, than LA No.1 might be just the scent for you. The purest of the pure scents.

    13 May, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Used to own this in the nineties and absolutely loved it. Floral, feminine and fresh.
    Recently I found a bottle on my mom's dressing table and now finish it. Used to last forever, now it's only the fres and floral top notes that stay for half a day. The scent has not changed though. The body lotion did change and has become quite sharp, not so nice.

    20th October, 2010

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    I love this. My husband isn't crazy about this so I don't wear it when I'm going out with him. Truthfully I have some of the body cream and I like that better then the perfume. It just reminds me of a young English girl on a spring day. It makes me feel happy.

    What's with these base notes? I don't get any of that except a little musk.

    02 October, 2010

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    I happen to agree with the reviewer that says about the posted basenotes on the Laura Ashley No. 1. what and the book say must be wrong or are mentioned to give an idea of character. I am not sure. Anyhow, despite the fact the L.A. No. 1 has been discontinued, I found out earlier this year that it, and several other of my favorite discontinued perfumes, have been recreated by a place online called Martecci's ( The favorites that I found there are Laura Ashley No. 1, Venezia by Biagotti, Sensi by Armani, and Victoria by Victoria's Secret and they have done some awesome work.

    That said, why doesn't basenotes have the notes for EMMA by Laura Ashley ...Is it also because it has been discontinued? maybe it's because there are a host of disconituned scents and it is not possible to keep track of them all. Anyhow, the close thing to EMMA that I have found is a wonderful perfume called CHARLOTTE by MARTECCI'S. I ffel confident in recommending it to anyone who like Laura Ashley's Emma Eau Fraiche.

    09 December, 2009

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    This was my signature fragrance for years. Romantic and very clean. Almost a hint of soap when first applied and then tons of floral on the skin. Fresh with only a very slightly green sense. The only thing that I have smelled that was somewhat similar is Waterford's Lismore, but Lismore smells much softer, less boldly English garden.

    01st December, 2008

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    I love Laura Ashley No. 1 and was more than a little disappointed when I found out that it became discontinued. I wore it on my wedding day and was "locked in" to it if you know what I mean. But now I don't have to worry. I found a company called Martecci's Fine Fragrances and they have recreated the scent and now I amTHE HAPPIEST WOMAN in the world! And another good ting came of it, now along with their LAN1, I have several other wonderful perfumes to choose and that means I don't have fo feel as locked in if I don't want to.

    16 October, 2008

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