Bond Street
    by Long Lost Perfume (orig. by Yardley)

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    Bond Street information

    Bond Street is a women's fragrance by Long Lost Perfume.

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    OK, I got it wrong: I thought Bond Street was the place were high-end haberdashers have their stores and where taylor-made suits were bought, but upon reading about "Bond Street" in Wikipedia I realized that it is an ungendered high-end shopping street - you'll find suits and purses alike - yes, I owe myself a trip to London.

    Further search in the local E Bay showed me that it was offered in Pan American's flights for passangers using the plane´s toilettes - it was, maybe, a unisex.

    Perfume Encyclopedia told me it was launched in 1917 as a men's and a women's scent, later discontinued, to be re issued in the 1950's.

    And finally, the verdict: it is classified both by BaseNotes and Fragrantica as a lady's scent. Thus, I am reviewing a scent for women that I bought thinking it was a scent for men. That can give you a sound idea of how this vintage is / was like.

    As to the blend, I can get clear honey - like notes in the top notes, some aldehydes alas not a la Chanel N° 5 (no so prominent) and then a generic - leather feeling that stays for the rest of the olfative journey, which is fleeting.

    It feels mildly flowery and quite run of the mill if compared to other bottles of cuirs I heredited or got as vintage scents: nothing groundbraking. Mind you, this is not "haute parfumerie": no Guerlain, no Caron, no Molinard, not even high-end designer's scents, like Weil - forget Shalimar, Secret de Venus or L'Heure Blue. Yes, I can get traces of Vigny's Heure Intime and Geldy's Cuir de Russie without their quality, albeit, as mentioned, in a less flowery fashion, much less complex.

    I might be dead wrong, but it makes me think this was some sort or safe / run of the mill template widely in fashion during the time it was launched. Common, as the rest of the inexpensive cuirs sell like.

    Besides, it does smell dated, as previously mentioned. My Daugther told me she gets whiffs of Grandma and Grandpa - mind you, my parents are in their eighties but the her account is further away in the scale of time - she actually likes Crystalle and 19, which are the ones my Mother uses.

    A "Love it" / "Thumbs Up" for memory's sake. Besides, I can stay calm, after all, I've got all the cuir de russies availables.

    Off topic: I'd love to work on a present day rendition of these classics. I can't get why it has not been done, except for Polge's work.

    PS: If you got anoter impression, please do us a favor and discuss this review, that would be def. fun.

    17th November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    I purchased the small bottle of Bond Street ( half ounce?) since they were (at the time ) selling them at a extremely good price (-$5?)so I blind bought it and a few others in the line.
    Bond Street reminds me of D&G red cap -VERY soapy aldehydes for hmmm..half an hour of the opening .Then I think it was sort of chypre (classic style )maybe similar to Madame Rochas? My mother seemed to like it more than I did so I let her have it figuring I could easily reorder another.But LLP seems to have raised the prices so I'm not sure when or if I will reorder now.
    I recently won a bid on some vintage Bond Street by Yardley Toilet Water . I will try to update my review and compare the remake vs. the vintage after the vintage Bond Street arrives.

    24th November, 2011

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