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Écusson (1947)
by Long Lost Perfume (originally by Jean D'Albret)


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Year of Launch1947
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLong Lost Perfume
Originally byJean D'Albret
Parent CompanyIrma Shorell

About Écusson

Écusson is a feminine perfume by Long Lost Perfume. The scent was launched in 1947

Reviews of Écusson

Nice light powdery tobacco floral

This vintage scent (1947) intrigued me from its bottle on Ebay. I found a vintage mini and tested it a few times. The scent is reminiscent of so many early perfumes from the thirties and forties (Shocking, Replique among them). A nice soft tobacco, woody scent. The problem is that it disappears almost immediately, making it impractical to invest in it.

I found the same thing true of Houbigant's APERCU - similar scent, disappears almost instantly.

A shame, because I truly wanted to like this one.

Pros: Nice smelling
Cons: Disappears completely in ten minutes

13th June, 2013
Écusson was one of the first bottles of perfume in my vintage collection of scents. I have a 1/2 ounce bottle of the parfum , which judging from the other bottles I've seen, is from the 1960's or earlier. The ground glass stopper was frozen on when I acquired it and it remained that way for years. When I finally got curious enough to get the top open, I dismissed the scent, as my nose and my perfume knowledge were not yet sophisticated enough to understand Écusson and place it within a context at that time. This morning I put it on after all these years and I can finally say I "get it". While it won't make my TOP 25 list, I can say that it is a very soft, beautiful and well-blended aldehydic, powdery, floral with a base of soft woods, vanilla and musk. If you like Chanel No. 5, L'Interdit and other powdery florals in that vein, you'll love Écusson, because as cheryl said, it's very smooth. I can say that I like this enough that I'll now be reaching for it more often, especially on those mornings when I need something soft and mellow to start my day. Sillage is moderate.
29th November, 2012
I was given a little shield shaped tourist bottle of Ecusson as a young teen in Paris in of course in my mind the scent evokes morning sunlight on shutters, café complet...

I have another little shield bottle is a gentle floral that is perfectly friendly & slightly romantic, not overpowering, so I can wear it for an "evening out"! I save it to wear for a friend who has French sensibilities & French roots.
18th June, 2012 (last edited: 21st June, 2012)
I am sampling a vintage perfume, but not sure the exact age. When it first arrived I dismissed it as...something too old to enjoy. Then a few months later I tried again and let it sit on my skin. I assumed it was a masc. barbershop fragrance. Too me it smells like incredibly smooth and expensive shaving cream. Then I was able to get some more nuances, cream woods and and a tidge of chanel-like rich velvet depth. I believe there is ylang ylang in this...and I can almost tell. There is nothing remotely citrus in my vintage edition. But it's still very seductive on the skin and nicely comforting. It's smooth, baby.
28th April, 2010
I would not call this one citrusy; it is more a woody floral of the light variety. Elegant..this review is for the original 1947 version EDT, which comes in a beautiful fluted crystal spray bottle with rope sculpting at the top and bottom edges and some sort of small winged creatures on the bottle (unicorns?). The bottle is as beautiful as the juice
10th December, 2009
I will only add here because I happen to have a full bottle of ECUSSON, the original 1947, by Jean D'ALBRET. This is a wonderful scent. It begins as a traditional cologne, citrusy, light and refreshing. However, under the freshness is an animal heart, soft with a powdery musk, faint candied orange, spice and muted leather notes as well. Overall rather a masculine scent but also reminds me very much of Lanvin's My Sin, although this is less flowery. Same salty softness that I get from My Sin, possibly because there are some sultry aldehydes here too. It is light, does not last forever, but is a real treat to try this one out.
15th January, 2007

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