MV2 (2002)
    by M.A.C

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    MV2 is a women's fragrance by M.A.C. The scent was launched in 2002

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    I find MV2 to be a polarizing scent. I've heard great reviews of it, including from people I know to have tastes in fragrance I respect, and fairly well-developed noses.

    My nose can' t get past the smoke-machine at a high school dance, and another note I won't mention for fear of ruining the scent for others. Again, complaints I've heard from several sniffers.

    For me, this is a nondescript scent dominated by an unpleasant note or two. I would never wear it, and would prefer not to have to smell it on someone close to me. That said, some of you will like it. Sniff before wearing, and don't douse yourself in it the first time you try it.

    18th April, 2007

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    MV2 indeed is a yummy delightful scent; honey drizzled, warm and delicious. It feels like second skin, deliciously leaving behind me a sillage of sweet delight. It slightly reminds me of Pink Sugar but I find it more wearable, not as intense, not so much as cake-like. MV2 is something I would wear anytime, right for any occasion. This stuff just cannot be wrong. I love it.

    02nd January, 2007

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    An unusual, slightly masculine, rather remote vanilla fragrance from MAC. You'll find no warmth or coziness here, and on certain days the whole thing can smell a bit off. MV2 opens with a discernible lavendar - hence the masculine air -and then moves into a fairly sweet vanilla that's bizarrely grassy and a little lemony around the edges. All the notes have an airy, not-quite-real thing going on, as if they've been spun out of a laboratory and puffed up with helium; the whole fragrance seems to float just above the surface of the skin and never really sinks in at all. An oddly alienating fragrance that I can never decide whether I like or not; it's definitely a weird one. I do get the occasional compliment on it, though, and get the impression that it smells better to the beholder than the wearer. It also has a curiously good staying power; it goes on light to begin with but never really fades away, even after a full day. An enigma, this one is. BTW - I have a feeling it's on its way to being discontinued, as it's become near-to-impossible to find at the MAC counters I frequent. So stock up if you love it!

    20th September, 2005

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