Eau de Mūre (1988)
by Maītre Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Eau de Mūre

Eau de Mūre is a feminine perfume by Maītre Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988

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Reviews of Eau de Mūre

At first I thought MPG were after a fruity in the Japanese mode – oh-so-light on the sugar and laden with unexpected notes of salt and dry spice that gave it an ‘odd but somehow it works’ feel.
That strange opening: berry fruit bang in the middle, but surrounded by gum-drying chewy mastic, something herbal and green, a blast of clove and what registers as quite a lively musk, not of the degraded ‘white’ or ‘laundry’ variety, rather a creature with armpits and other bits of interest.
I’m not used to fruit being presented in this way, despite having danced on some of the wilder shores of niche.
However, the destination is pretty safe, where the spice and resin notes sink into a subtle amber accord that merges with the musk (which has by now toned down its ‘come hither’ posturing) with that fruit still hanging temptingly in the middle. Eventually this becomes a light and breezy blackberry scent, all the oriental overtures having evaporated. And that is what one is left with for hours. Interesting rather than thrilling.
12th August, 2015
Hmmm... I don't know about this...

It's got that Mure et Musc blackberry note. And there are old 60's-style musk elements - Imagine Alyssa Ashley or Jovon, but minus the poop, so it leaves that vague cinnamon smell and all that gold musk, as well as whatever that weird musk note is that kind of smells like an old rubber doll or model airplane glue.

All told, that's about it. It's kind of like what you'd get if you took that smoky rubber note out of Mure Et Musc Extreme, and as such has given me a much better perspective on where the musk is in the L'Artisan, which, for the record, I like better.

In the end, I don't really care for the plasticky doll/glue smell and I'm not a huge fan of gold musk either, so I'm afraid Eau de Mure is a no go for me, though I find it interesting enough to go with a neutral rating instead of a negative. As much as I would have disliked it, I'm curious what this would have smelled like with a big dollop of civet. It would likely have turned some people off but it sure would have made things more interesting. Then again, if I want a more interesting Eau de Mure, I have Mure Et Musc Extreme...
12th October, 2012
A bit like Mure et Musc Extreme, except that I don’t believe that it is quite as good as the L’Artisan. Eau de Mūre is quite smooth, linear, and long lasting. It opens very fruity: Citrus, berries, red fruits. For the most part, I find it an excellent opening, but I think that the rose note which pops up from the middle is a bit out of place: While the rose note isn’t disagreeable or annoying, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the notes in the opening accord. The accords of the scent are complex, but the scent is actually rather linear. The berries are prominent from the beginning, and they work together with the soft and subtle sandalwood / amber base, which was also present almost from the beginning. The longevity of Eau de Mūre is very good.

Originally submitted 24 May 2007
10th December, 2010
Lovely blackberry scent for women. Fresh, simple and very sensual. I find this very similar to Yves Rocher`s Mure Sauvage, although that one is more sweet and candied.
Of course the similarities can be found in many other blackberry releases as well.

Eau de Mure is too feminine for my personal use, but I totally recommend this for women who enjoys that beautiful smell of blackberries, because in EdM this smell is done absolutely right.
12th November, 2008
Harsh is the opening of Eau de Mure for me. Bitter green notes upstage the would be sweet & succulent blackberry. I was irritated by this...also, the musk in this blend comes off raw and dusty. Truth be told, I don't enjoy any aspect of this one.
12th October, 2007
strong blackberry and fruity notes over a fresh clean musky base, however it is not fruity/fresh in the contemporary sense of the word ie: candied, smells very organic.
04th March, 2006

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