Fraîche Passiflore (1988)
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMaître Parfumeur et Gantier

About Fraîche Passiflore

Fraîche Passiflore is a feminine perfume by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988

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The decadence of tropical fruit is not just in the mouth-whacking intensity of flavour that can make cousins from cooler climes seem dilute by comparison, but also an almost ‘off’ note in many varieties that suggests the thing is verging on over-ripeness. Fraîche Passiflore, which comes cloaked with a peachy mist that soon dissipates, majors on passion fruit but with a faithfully rendered offness that also suggests mango and guava. It has the tang and tartness of the fruit thus rescuing it from the anonymity of gumdrop renditions. A backing accord reminiscent of budget green tea spritzers detracts from the overall effect in the heart phase but then fades. The end is in a gently floral-musky murmur. Still, something refreshing for the summer and nice enough if one wears it without paying it too much attention.
02nd April, 2017
Aside from a breezy-juicy peach very similar to that of Jovan White Musk for Men, Fraiche Passiflore really just smells like sangria. Fruity, floral, a touch boozy, a tad woody... Wait, you know what this is? I smelled just like this when I once spilled Starbucks Passion iced tea down the front of my shirt.
29th December, 2015
So, I bought a bottle of this quite a while ago back when I was into really obvious fruity scents. Then, I decided I didn't like it and didn't wear it for years. Then I wore it again today and now I kind of like it again, sort of.

To me, it smells like a perfect tart green apple when first sprayed. Then it sort of deteriorates. The apple quality remains, but it gets salty and weirdly pulpy, while the brightness somehow becomes disengaged, a weird sort of chemical sheen that's no longer part of the apple. Then the tomato leaf comes in, quiet but carrying its bile note loudly enough to make things a bit gross.

In the end, I like the apple, but don't like the deterioration or the hint of vomit or the unflinching fruity linearity, though I think my complaints are petty enough that I can imagine other fruit-frag fans quite enjoying this.
22nd April, 2015
Not my favorite MPG. Fraiche Passiflore goes on fruity-floral and soon degenerates into a tropical fruit lifesaver candy. Disappointingly synthetic smelling for this house, and the first MPG that I actually had to scrub off. I'm sad.

That is, until I go put on some Bahiana. Now there's the MPG tropical fruit for me!
14th June, 2014
Yes, this is definitely passion fruit, juicy & sweet, & given a little tartness by the berry notes. lt doesn't really develop on my skin, but fades to a peaches-&-cream base after around 4 hours.
This isn't my kind of thing; it was sent as a freebie with a Luckyscent order. But the sillage is good, & it's higher in quality than most of the mainstream fruity scents out there, without being as nauseatingly sweet. So if you love a bit of fruit, l'd say this is worth a try as a refreshing summer scent.
28th January, 2012
Peachy—white peachy, it’s interesting how you can tell the color of the peach from the smell. Unlike calchic, I get mostly white peach. And the passion fruit gives the opening that bit of tropical vibration. As for the berries, you can’t prove it by me, but they are probably there…heaven knows there’s enough sweetness in the fragrance. The whole thing makes for an opening that does not seem very adult, I would say. And the accord continues through the entire run of the fragrance, which ends with a fruit / musk accord. I don’t get any sandalwood or jasmine or pimento, and I get tagette only on paper, not when the scent is actually on my skin. As a matter of fact, on paper, Fraiche Passiflore comes across with much less sweetness and more maturity. It’s a feminine fragrance that has good longevity. I don’t find Fraiche Passiflore very interesting: On paper, it is linear and not very complex; on my skin it is linear, not very complex... and lacks maturity.

Originally submitted 24 May 2007
10th December, 2010

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